Lieutenant Jen

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A bust of Jen with Leo, created by RattlePool
Creator Bubblelord
Full name Jennavieve Galanis
Alias One-Eyed Lancer
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Mercenary Leader (temporary-commander)
Title Lieutenant
Family Commander Leofric (mentor)
Leo (trusty steed)
Faction Marked Merk Mercenaries
Nationality Tronarii
Location Foothills (north and south)
Level 3
Health 230
Resolve 100
Strengths Lieutenant Jen has 2 action points


Atop a black, silver-dapple steed similar to a Shire-breed horse, you can clearly identify the female commander of the Marked Merk Mercenaries. A short woman coming around 5'2", Jen sits atop it with a bronze-tipped spear clasped in her right hand and her her horse's reins held tightly in the left. The muted, bronze glimmer of her heavy armor worn over her puffy orange pantaloons and a black undershirt provides ample protection; albeit without helmet, she gets the benefit of an intimidating snarl and perfect opportunity to glare at you with her good eye.


Lieutenant Jen can be found in the Foothills once the Champion is at least level 2 and has won against the Marked Mercenary Band at least 5 times. Her first encounter with the Champion will have her investigating the recent harassment of the Marked Mercenary Band and hindering the their search for their commander by the hands of the Champion. Lieutenant Jen will confront the Champion about this, in which the following options will become available:

  • Admit - Might as well own it.
  • Deny - Why would you admit to something like that? That is like the worst thing you could ever do.

Denying the allegations will anger Jen and will proceed with a combat encounter. However if the Champion were to admit fighting the mercenaries albeit they did start it, Jen will apologize for their behavior and explain to the Champion a bit of history about the group. She will then peacefully part ways with the Champion and their party but not before stating that if she or her mercenaries would cross paths with the Champion again, they will fight the Champion.

Subsequent encounters with Jen will result in combat encounters. If the Champion were to run at any time during the fight, she will mock the Champion for fleeing and it will cause a slight change in dialogue if the Champion were to encounter her again. This is reset each time the Champion does encounter her in combat.

If the Champion is defeated by Jen she will be of removing a blemish on the mercenaries pristine record, and will steal up to 200 EC.

If the Champion is victorious, the following options will become available:

  • Sex - You're horny and mercenary girl is on the menu!
  • Relax - Sometimes a (guy/girl) just wants to chill.

Depending on the number of times the Champion has fucked Jen before (1 and 5), it will cause a change in some of the Champion's victory dialogue. If the Champion had sexed Jen the last time they encountered her, there will be a slight variation in her encounter dialogue.

Relaxing with Jen will allow the Champion to get to talk with her, in which they can learn about:

  • Mercenaries - Ask Jen about the mercenaries; why are they here and where did they come from? (unlocks the Tornarii codex entry)
  • FrontBelt - So... what's up with her chastity belt only covering her vagina? (sexed Jen at least once)
  • Commander - With how much they keep mentioning the man, you might as well ask about the mercenary's commander.
  • Feelings - She sure seems to have some feelings about Leofric... (has seen Commander)

There is a special one-time scene that will occur if the Champion defeats Jen and has defeated her at least 5 times prior.

If the conditions are right, the Champion may come across Jen in Hawkethorne, where she is delivering damaged equipment in need of repairs to Ogrish at his smithy. The Champion will not be able to interact with her, but they will learn more about the mercenaries and will also unlock the Tronarii Codex entry. To view this scene, the following conditions must be met:



Armor: 39 Physical Resist: 23
Warding: 6 Magic Resist: 1
Focus: 7 Mental Resist: 17
Evasion: 11 Penetrating Resist: 25
Tease Resist: 100 Drug Resist: 100
Pheromone Resist: 100



If the Champion is victorious in combat:

  • Facefuck - Time to fuck that pouty face properly; as hard as you can. (requires a cock)
  • Anal - You've got an idea; how about getting a piece of that cavalier ass? (requires a cock)
  • FingerKissing - `Since you can't get in her pants, why not let her in yours? Some kissing and fingering will be her loser's tax! (requires a vagina)
  • Tit Fun - She might not be very well-endowed but you're sure you can have some fun with that chest of hers!


  • 100 XP
  • 70 EC