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Region Frost Marches
Level range 1+
Accessible from Old Forest (North-West)
Foothills (South-East)
Harvest Valley (South-West)
Neutral Hub Yes
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Hawkethorne is a little hamlet nestled between a range of craggy mountains in the east and the endless forests of the north of the Frost Marches.

It has several exits, each leading to a different region: in the north-west, to the Old Forest; in the south-east, to the Foothills; in the south-west, to Harvest Valley.

Places of interest


Current inhabitants include:

Conditional inhabitants:

Episodic appearances:

  • Evelyn - found in the tavern, appears right away (earlier reported appeared some time after The Alraune is defeated, but now appears right away)
  • Hirrud - appears in the tavern after The Alraune is defeated
  • Lieutenant Jen - sometimes goes to Ogrish's Smithy for repairs
  • Lusamine - appears as a guest in the tavern from 11:00 - 15:00 (Champion must be at least level 3)


Twin Rings

If the Champion has had at least 5 dreams, when travelling to the eastern gate of Hawkethorne during the hours of 22:00 - 3:59, they will hear screaming and will have the choice to investigate to encounter a hostile Gray-Furred Slaver. This event will only occur once.