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Liresh DCL Bust.png

Liresh DCL Nude Bust.png

Busts of Liresh by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Nickname(s) Lirlir
Species Half-Leothran
Gender Female
Occupation Alchemist
Family Syrish (twin sister)
Vari (mother)
Location Frostwood

Syrish DCL Bust.png

Syrish DCL Nude Bust.png

Busts of Syrish by DCLzexon
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Half-Leothran
Gender Dickgirl
Occupation Ranger
Family Liresh (twin sister)
Vari (mother)
Location Frostwood

"Brrr, gets freezy-weasels out there, huh?" Liresh asks, nuzzling into your neck and gently nibbling on your shoulder. "Don't worry. The world is cold and hard, but in our cabin it's always warm and soft."

"Yeah, come grab a seat. I'll make you drinks!" Syrish adds, making for the little stove with a sway of her massive hips.

Liresh and Syrish are half-Leothran twins who live in the Leothran village. They are two of Vari's children and by all accounts keep her very busy when they're not wandering in search of ruins. Liresh and Syrish got more than their share of Leothran wanderlust and will often return to the village with souvenirs or more practical goods. They used to be full Leothran, but dabbled in self-taught alchemy to make some changes. They're able to do the same for anyone who's interested as well.

Liresh is the brains of the pair. She taught herself to read by reading books, however that works, and is responsible for the pair's alchemical transformations. She knows magic and claims to be the superior wrestler of the pair, although she's had trouble picking up cooking. Syrish picks up the slack for her in this regard, and is also the brawn. She's a warrior-turned-ranger who protects her sister on their travels and greatly enjoys the penis her sister helped her grow. She is the older sister by two minutes, and also claims to be the superior wrestler of the pair.

"Professional troublemakers, twins, and my pride and joys... It does my heart good to see them return to the village, ever the capricious duo. A mother does worry. Be careful about getting caught up with them though; they're grown girls, as are their appetites."


The first thing that stands out is that they aren't leothran... not entirely, at least; be it by a quirk of breeding, or alchemy, there is no doubt that the two girls are half-leothran. Their arms and legs are fluffy up to the shoulders and thighs, and soft collars of fur line their necks and shoulders. But the rest of their bodies consist of soft flesh, bound up in the barest of underwear much like the massive woman hoisting them like misbehaving kittens. As far as their build, both girls are shockingly similar; bright blue eyes, happy faces, soft thighs and plush tits, and roughly the same height... from there a lot of the similarities are the inverse.

On the left one of the cats has dark grey fur that bleeds closer to white as it travels towards her body, along with the familiar snow-leopard spots of coal-black. While the other is of a far-darker hue, with white rings to mark her fur. Where the brighter is all squish and softness, the darker appears to be a little leaner and tougher. You would've expected the darker-fur to be the 'muscle' to the 'brain' of these two half-leos, but you're pretty sure she's eyeing you up just as carefully. Their fluffy tails wiggle enticingly, and their peaked kitty-ears are tilted directly on you before they turn their attention on Vari.


First Encounter

Upon your second visit to the Leothran village with Vari, she will sigh and say she didn't know they had returned again. The next thing you know, you and one of your companions are half-hugged, half-attacked by two sizeable half-Leothrans who want to meet the new friends. Vari quickly rescues you, hoisting her two kittens in the air and chastising them. They invite you back to their cabin and are added to Vari's village menu.

Subsequent Encounters

Liresh and Syrish greet you warmly upon entering their cabin, immediately tackling you and your companions in giant hugs. It's a very comfortable space, adorned with fluffy rugs and a large sofa. The walls are lined with the trophies of their adventurers and they even make Jassiran spiced tea with Manticore Nip (does not transform the player). Your companions leave you to get friendly with the affectionate ladies, although Cait (if present) elects to stay and snuggle up with Liresh.

  • Talk: Get to know the girls.
    • About Liresh: Ask about the light-grey twin.
    • About Syrish: Ask about the black-and-grey twin.
    • Travels: Ask about their travels.
    • Demons: Have they encountered any demons?
      • Fuck: Get a little wicked yourself. (see Sex menu)
      • Back: Ask more about them.
  • Sex: Really get to know the girls. (see Sex menu)
  • Leo Cait?: Get the twins to help Cait become a big, plush snow-kitty like them. (see TFing Cait)
    • Do It: Yes, you definitely want a plump, big-titted half-leothran with a huge ass following you around. This decision is irreversible. Cait will no longer accept breast-size or body-size transformations, she'll be very happy with her looks. (will transform Cait and leads to Cait 4Some menu)
    • Nevermind: On second thought…

TFing Cait

Written by Savin

"... Really?" Cait purrs, sidling up even closer. "I mean, if you're serious, we could always ask the twins up at the village. I think they used alchemy to get their looks; maybe they have the recipe lying around? I'm certainly not going to say no to turning into my own walking fetish!"

Once you've had a foursome with Cait, Liresh, and Syrish, and completed Cat Call, you will be able to ask Cait about Big Girls. Cait will profess her adoration of larger cat women like the Leothrans and suggest talking to the twins about maybe transforming her to be like them.

When you next visit the village, you will be able to talk to Liresh and Syrish about Leo Cait?. Going ahead with the transformation will turn Cait into a fluffy half-Leothran like the twins. This will permanently lock Cait into her fluffy new form and unlock new foursome options with Liresh and Syrish.

Festivus Event

Liresh snorts, swigging from her own mug. "Aww, well... okay. So we wanted to get Vari a gift for being just... uh, good."

"Want any help choosing?"

Both cats brighten up at the suggestion, giving you a smooch on the cheek each. "We thought you'd never ask! Okay, well, untrue, we thought you'd ask eventually." Syrish grins. "Want to go on a little walk through town? See about some potions, snacks, jewelry, that kind of thing?"

If you've had sex with Liresh and Syrish, they can appear in the Frost Hound over the Christmas event period, looking for a present for Vari and to take you out on a date so you can help them choose. Cait will be present if you've brought her along to see the twins before, but will regretfully leave to help Gwyn in the nursery.

  • No: You aren't free at the moment, sorry. (Twins will appear as a button in the tavern so you can proc the event again)
  • Yes: Go on a lovely date, it might take a while, and probably involve boning down, be sure you're ready!

As you go through town, Liresh and Syrish talk about the trouble they've had finding a gift for Vari before. You have the idea to take them down to Pupperidge Farm to get fresh milk and cookies for Vari to enjoy. The twins greet Anna in their typically enthusiastic fashion, who suggests that they have some fun milking with Morwen while she starts baking cookies. Before too long, you, Liresh, and Syrish are deciding just how to milk Lucia.

  • Spitroast & Eat: You and Syrish both take a side with Liresh pinned beneath Lucia paying lip-service. (requires a penis)
  • Girly Ride: Eat Lucia out while Syrish fucks her ass, and Liresh gets to milk and enjoy the cow's fingers

Once the milk is bottled and everyone has had their fill, you head back to Anna with two tuckered-out cats for cookies, heading back to Hawkethorne afterwards, and the twins thank you for a lovely day out as they head back north.


All Liresh and Syrish's sex options have extra content for if Cait is present.

  • Get Sandwiched: You between two girls, although it seems you'll be catching as well as giving. (requires a cock.)
  • Fuck Tits: Press those squishy tits together and fuck them both at the same time. (requires a 6"+ cock.)
  • Get Fucked: Present for Syrish so that she can take you missionary on a bed of Liresh.
  • Ride Face: Get eaten out thoroughly. (requires pussy)
  • Cait 4Some: Invite your leothranized priestess in to join you and the twins for some fun! (requires Leo Cait)
    • Fuck Her: Get Cait down on the bed and spread those big, meaty thighs. (requires penis)
    • Eat Pussy: Cait's become a big, wet gal hasn't she? Have your faux-leothran priestess sit on your face while the twins get their hands all over her.




Cait leo twins.png
Found in their Cait 4Some sex option