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Alante Moira Full.png

Full art of Alante by by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Centaur
Gender Female
Occupation Legion Commander
Location Khor'minos

You think you see the hint of a smile linger on Alante's face for a second. "You flatter me, I am merely lucky to serve. Now, I must go. Fortune to you, []. Perhaps we will meet again in your journey."


Standing before you is a solemn-looking centaur woman, her black-furred body encased in bronze armor. A thick red plume sprouts from both her ornate helm and from her flanks, golden highlights laid across her plate. The only sign of her femininity at all is a glimpse of her long brown hair falling down her shoulders and a peek of her bare tummy.


First Encounter

You meet her in the Foothills, watching her do battle with and slay a hill giant. Alante greets you once the battle is done, informing you that she is part of Khor'minos's expeditionary forces and one of the few people allowed outside with the city in quarantine. You part on amicable terms, and then Alante sets off into the distance until you meet again. As per the patch notes we will see her again in Khor'minos.