Incubus Blackguard

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Incubus Blackguard


Bust of Incubus Blackguard by Moira

The Observer

Species Demon
Gender Male
Occupation Blackguard
Location Harvest Valley
Level 7

455 (Duel)

630 (Not Duel)
Resolve 241
Strengths The Incubus Blackguard has 3 Action Points, and mastery of Form II

"So, an interloper." The incubus has spun on his heel, striking a pose with the Dawnsword's business end out towards you and at the ready. "I don't suppose you would happen to know [], would you?"

The Incubus Blackguard is a demon encountered during the search for the Dawnsword. He discovers the relic first, and the blade is corrupted by his soulless nature. In turn, he is twisted by the Dawnsword and becomes obsessed with duelling you to demonstrate his worth.


And wielding a blade of reddish brilliance is one of Kasyrra's demons — an incubus — clad from head to toe in heavy black armor. One could perhaps believe it was formal Tiran ceremonial panoply, but there aren't any holy symbols present on it. Aside from the red skin, horns and wings, the demon doesn't look too terribly different from the average human, and he's clearly caught up in the novelty of his find as he caresses the magical blade's hilt in a loving — no, sexual — manner.


Claiming the Dawnsword

"This sword brings power — it brings me power. And I want to use it." Display over, he brings the blazing swordpoint back toward you. "It wants me to use it, too; I can feel it. It hasn't taken blood in so long. What better way to start than by battling you, the one who's caused our mistress so much heartache? Fight me in single combat, one on one, warrior to warrior. Show me that you're worthy of your reputation!"

As you delve into the sinkhole to locate the Dawnsword, you discover the Incubus Blackguard finding and corrupting it. Now wielding the Corrupted Dawnsword he turns to you, making Star Wars references and challenging you to a duel.

  • Duel: If you think you can trust the demon and beat him head-on, battle him in single combat. (leads to single combat)
  • No Duel: You came here as a team, and you're going to fight as a team. (leads to party combat. Requires Liaden or companions to be present)

If you Duel the Incubus Blackguard and win, you claim the Dawnsword for yourself. If you choose Duel and lose in the first three rounds, the Blackguard is frustrated and challenges you to a one-time rematch. If you choose Not Duel and win the party battle with the Blackguard, then you can choose between going for the Dawnsword yourself or leaving it for Liaden. Regardless, the Incubus Blackguard is found not worthy by the Dawnsword and falls off a ledge into lava.

Bad End

If you lose during Not Duel, or lose during Duel after three turns or after being challenged to a rematch, the Incubus Blackguard magically repels any companions you have and executes you.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Header text Header text
Attack Power: 66.0 Armor Penetration: 37.0
Spellpower: 83.0 Spell Penetration: 22.0
Sexiness: 36.0 Temptation: 22.0
Accuracy: 35.0 Critical Chance: 13.0
Armor: 97.0 Physical Resist: 24.0
Warding: 8.0 Magic Resist: 13.0
Focus: 37.0 Mental Resist: 26.0
Evasion: 10.0 Blight Resist: 75.0
Crushing Resist: -10.0 Fire Resist: 33.0
Holy Resist: -100.0 Penetrating Resist: 25.0
N/A N/A stealable - [+]

only present during No Duel - *

  • 4000 XP
  • 1500 EC

Quest Related

High Ground

The Incubus Blackguard has claimed the magical relic you're sent to find, and needs to be defeated to complete the quest.