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Busts of Annika by Lionpaws
Creator Alypia
Full name Annika Rótudóttir
Nickname(s) Anni
Pronunciation Ah-nee-kaa

Boreal Elf

Gender Dickgirl
Occupation Paladin
Title Sister of the Order of the Argent Wing
Height 6'3"
Bust Size D
Family Pandellin (Father) [deceased]
Róta (Mother) [deceased]
Unnamed Sister (Elder Sister)
Unnamed Brother (Younger Brother)
Unnamed Nieces and Nephews
Religion Lumian
Location Glacial Rift (before finishing LumiaQuest)

"It's been a little more than a hundred years since I took my vows. Long enough to remember a lot of friends who aren't here anymore." She closes her eyes and shakes her head and, after some moments, manages to find her warm, friendly smile again. "But also long enough to develop my skills and spend decades passing them on to younger sisters. That's the part I like best: helping brave women grow into their own."

Annika Rótudóttir is a long-serving elven valkyrie, a frontline warrior for the Order of the Argent Wing. Thanks to the growing strength of Wraith power in the north, and in order to keep them from traveling south, she and her shield-sisters are trapped in endless battles against waves of corrupted enemies. While in the Glacial Rift, the Champion can find her battling against them, and from there agree to help the valkyries find a way to defeat the Wraiths and so free up forces to battle the demons. This begins the quest The Palace of Light, which upon completion opens the goddess Lumia, the other valkyries, and the Lumian Keep for interaction.

"That's the thing about scars, you know. Sometimes they make you stronger. Sometimes they make for good stories that you can laugh about when you tell them. And, well, sometimes they leave you a little broken. Or a lot broken." She gently taps you on the chest. "No matter where the scars are: out there… or in here."


Lumia's chosen, the valkyries, all boast enormous diaphanous wings, and Annika's no exception; the eye-catching magical appendages are the first things that ensnare the eye as you look at her. From where they emanate on her upper back, they can stretch far wider than she is tall, although at rest they remain folded demurely… and no less golden for that. Otherwise (and also so like many other valkyries), she is a very feminine boreal elf, with cool blue skin, loose shoulder-length white hair, and six-inch-long tapered emotive ears. Of all the valkyries you've met, Anni is probably the oldest. With frost elves age is hard to see; her smooth-featured face doesn't offer much of a hint of it, nor do her lively ice-blue eyes. But there is a white scar on her jaw that does speak to a life of combat, and a little bit of weary sadness that sometimes appears in her generally friendly smile.

Now that she's not on the battlefield, Anni's attire is casual in the frost elven way — which means it's barely there at all. Fortunately, that means you have a very clear view of her biceps, shoulders, back, and rock-hard tummy, all of which have the kind of well-defined functional musculature of an agile warrior. A few more white battle scars slash across her arms and middle as well, testaments to the fights she's survived. Practically the only clothing the valkyrie has on above her waist are her golden bracers, detailed with flowing elven lines and resting over comfortable white linen, and her similarly well-decorated top. The latter is little more than a bra, a pair of golden Lumian sun-flare cups to support her D-cup breasts. A golden neckpiece and a large winged-sun icon on a necklace, her seneschal's badge of office, complete the ensemble; all else is taut blue elf-flesh over powerful sinew.

With that said, Anni's a bit more fully attired below the waist. A long white dress, slitted to allow both legs through and decorated with golden patterning, hangs from her belt; its chryselephantine motif, traditional for Lumians, is set off by a few gauzy blue strips of silk that flutter to the side. A pair of ivory-and-gold leggings stretch from ankle to thigh, making her powerful blue thighs visible through the slits of her dress… not that you're complaining. Nor would you complain about how easy it is to see the outline of her gently flaring hips and taut, tight elven musclebutt through the fabric.

Finally, you know that underneath the dress, Annika boasts a thick, footlong elven shaft, complete with a dark throbbing cockhead and a pair of juicy balls. She also has one asshole, placed right between her tight chiseled buttcheeks where it belongs.

As you look over her, Anni's posture, which is normally so upright as to be nearly military, shifts slightly so that she's placing more of her weight on a single leg. With one hand on her hip and the other hanging down by her thigh, she gazes at you with no small amount of amusement. "Distracted?"


Her answer comes back in her lightly-accented singsongy tone: "My, my. We do have ways of solving that problem here."

Or making it worse… in the best ways.


The Palace of Light

Annika's initial encounter with the Champion is a random event in the Glacial Rift that only happens after completing the Abyssal Depths part of the quest Winter Wolf. The party encounters a snowstorm in the Rift, and within it, they can hear and see the sounds of combat and the use of holy magic. They have the options of Investigating or Leaving.

  • Leave - Discretion is the better part of valor. Something like this probably won't go away forever, so you can probably investigate later when you're ready.
  • Investigate - A big fight up here in the Rift isn't something you can easily ignore. If you investigate, you probably won't be able to avoid getting into a battle!

Leaving will reset the encounter, although it will be unavailable for a day after departing.

Investigating will throw the Champion into a fight alongside a slightly-injured Valkyrie against several Wraith-corrupted beasts. Winning proceeds things normally; losing does as well, as the valkyrie simply goes beast-mode and wins the fight single-handedly (or with the help of Champ's companions, if the party has any). After the fight, the valkyrie introduces herself as Annika and says that she's been looking for the Champion on a matter of great importance. After healing the party and finding shelter, she lays out the crisis that has led to the valkyries' current difficulties.

  • Valkyries - What's life like for Lumia's warmaidens, anyway?
  • Cult - You could've used their help against Kasyrra, or against Tollus and the Cult.
  • The Keep - From what she's said, something's going wrong at Lumia's Keep.
  • Lumia? - And the Dawn Maiden herself is doing what exactly?
  • What Next? - Hmm. None of this sounds good at all. What's the plan?

Completing this conversation results in Annika telling Champ where to meet her elsewhere in the Rift in order to meet Lumia herself and continue the Palace of Light quest. As of patch 0.5.20, this has not yet been merged into the game.


  • Annika is about a hundred and fifty years old, making her the oldest living boreal elf in the game.
  • Annika speaks with a slightly thicker accent than the rest of the elves, sometimes replacing the "ch" sound with "sh". This, along with her name, points up the Swedishness of the frost elves, and indeed in silly mode she sometimes speaks in Swedish.




Found during the initial encounter with Annika.