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"After many years of ceaseless research and dedication, the mages of Estelore finally succeeded in opening a portal of their own. A portal which, they soon learned, had no destination. It went to a space between worlds: an endless void. From this void came creatures, beings of formless entropy and otherworldly vacuity that inhabited that plane of nothingness. They slipped through the portal in the moments it existed and, being creatures of spirit rather than flesh, possessed the archmages of Estelore. Not a week passed before all on the island were under the creatures' dominion." – Corruption of Champions II: Public Design Document

Black Mages are scholars of the occult who delve into the twisted, and often forbidden, secrets left behind by the Wraiths that once plagued the world. Black Mages can command tremendous magical power, able to blast their foes with magic, corrupt their minds, or even bind spirits to do their bidding. They must have great willpower to control such magics, though, and need both cunning to resist the temptations and dangers of magic, and the presence to overbear and command dangerous spirits. The life of a black mage is one of power through knowledge and secrets.