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Creator BubbleLord
Species Catfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Adventurer
Professional Cuddler
Religion Mallachite
Nationality Jassiran
Location Temple of Mallach

"So," she giggles. "I know I'm just great to look at, but..."

Rune slides her hands up her body, up the bottom of her astonishing rack, and finally pushing them together with a cutesy wink. "It's way better touching me."

Rune is an adventuring Catfolk you meet in the Temple of Mallach. She grew up in a touring circus and started travelling on her own when she came of age, meeting Barney and Darius on the road. Rune's also very familiar with Cait. She travelled north to explore locales she'd never seen before, but ran into trouble when some bandits waylaid her and stole her wagon. Luckily her good friend Cait had just established a temple in the Frost Marches, where Rune can offer affection for fun and profit while she gets back on her feet.

"We ran into her a few times and had some adventures — nothing too grand, really, but they were still fun. Rune's carefree nature is certainly one for keeping morale together; just seeing her face after a long, fruitless day lifts the spirits. I'm sure that just having her around the temple is going to attract more petitioners than there would be otherwise, and I'm glad that she's going to be staying here for the foreseeable future."

"Rune, huh? You'll love her! I know I do, anyway."


Rune's amber eyes glimmer, turning and giving a small twirl of her tanned figure. A tiny twirl sets her E-cup chestweights bouncing, straining the bands of bronze securing their teats from view. Her plum-colored hair and tail sway just a moment behind, the latter of the two pulling at the semi-transparent cloth adorning her thong so it rises up and shows off her thick booty. She thrusts those wide hips of hers back and sets both of her gloved hands on either side of her waist so she can show off her thighs and slim figure. Although her attire shows a lot of her body, the things it hides makes it tantalizingly alluring and begging for someone to touch.

For a girl just over five feet tall, this pointy-eared catgirl is far from bashful. The slutty attire, the jeweled rubies in her gloves and top, and that grin are just perfect for a Mallach-worshipping adventurer. Facially, she's a perfect example of a young woman: large eyes, a small button-nose, and a wide face with kissable lips. Rune's ponytail dangles along the top of her rump, perfect for grabbing hold of when smooching or fucking; the complete package of an adventurer looking to have sex, Rune couldn't be any better for filling a role in bed for most temple visitors.


First Encounter

"Miss Rune," she purrs, playfully bobbing around to sit her arms behind Sally's waist. "So formal! Relax! We're going to be having SO much fun from now on! Regular or not, it's only fair for me to meet her/him!"

The plum-haired gal winks, not even noticing her companions setting off outside the temple with her focus solely on you. "So, mind telling me who I'm to thank for this part of nowhere having such a fine temple?"

As you walk up to the temple, you see Salwah beckoning you over to meet a new face.

  • Approach: If Salwah insists, then why not at least introduce yourself?
  • Not Now: As nice as she looks, you've actually got things you need to discuss with Salwah and the residents of her temple. You can deal with this tomorrow.
  • Never: Honestly, you can't be asked to humor another pussycat. (removes Rune from the game)

If you choose to Approach, Salwah introduces you to Rune, a cheerful catfolk who is very excited to meet the hero responsible for getting the temple built. She's not a temple harlot the way Cait and Salwah are, but she is performing duties to earn her keep while she lodges here. Salwah is quick to crack the whip and get Rune back to work, but she invites you to come visit while she's on shift.

Subsequent Encounters

Rune is available at all hours at the temple reception, and is always happy for you to check in and make sure the temple is treating her right. She's happy to talk about her life, her various customers and friends, or to do something a little more affectionate.

  • Appearance
  • Talk
    • About Her: You'd like to know more about her.
    • Travels: Can Rune tell you about her travels?
    • Temple Life: Is she enjoying her time at the temple?
    • Me: Rune talking about you is sure to be interesting.
    • Friends: Okay, you'll bite; what does Rune think about your friends?
      • Quin: The taeleer is a local at the temple; what are her thoughts about him?
      • Brint: Rune likes minotaurs, right? What about yours?
      • Cait: Cait and Rune are like butter and garlic, huh?
      • Salwah: How does Rune get along with Salwah?
      • Darius: She and Darius go back farther than anyone she knows here; what's her opinion of him?
  • Sex: (see Sex)
  • Hire: (see Hire)


While not one of her paid services, Rune is always happy to take a break to visit one of the private rooms of the temple with you. Most of her sex scenes require a penis, though her hired temple services do not.

  • Her Mouth: Time for a special blowjob from a special kind of girl. (requires penis)
  • Her Pussy: Time to take Rune for a ride. (requires penis)

If you've had sex with Rune and Gwyn and have a penis, you can also trigger a special scene upon visiting the nursery where you can have a threesome with the adventurer and the nursery matron.

  • Fuck Both
  • Not Now

Also, if you meet Darius's conditions and 'experiment' with him, you can invite Rune to join as well.

  • Rune: Wrap up the bimbo catgirl in magical tentacles while the both of you take her from either end. (requires having fucked Rune)


Rune, of course, isn't going to make you wait. She turns and bends over, giving you a great view of her back and derriere in the process. The girl hoists a small wooden sign out and sets it down beside her.

"You can pat my head for fifty electrum, hold hands for one-hundred, and we can cuddle for um... two-hundred?"

While Rune is happy to engage in sex, she contributes to the temple by selling acts of intimacy. That being said, every paid act immediately gets dirty as Rune gets very horny for affection.

  • Headpat: Pat her head. Costs 50 EC.
  • Hold Hands: You're going to hold those hands one way or another. Costs 100 EC.
  • Lover's Hold: Rune is going to hold you like you're dating. Costs 200 EC.
    • Sex: You're not walking away from a request like that.
    • Leave: You care for Rune but you just wanted the hot-and-heavy, not fullblown sex!