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"It was a pleasure merely to hear the sound of her voice, with which, like an instrument of many strings, she could pass from one language to another. So captivating was the Sultana's presence that every king and general that asked for her hand was content to share her with the others for fear of losing her entirely."
River, traveling bard, on the first free Sultana of Jassira

Writer Credit

  • Catfolk Codex Entry


Name: Catfolk (aka Catboys and Catgirls)

Sexes: Male and Female

Height: Ranges from between 5 ft. and 6 ft. on average, with males standing slightly taller than females.

Weight: Roughly the same as humans.

Skin: Catfolk tend to have skin similar to humans, in the same range of tones. Catfolk from northern Jassira tend towards darker skin tones, while Belharan and South Jassiran cats usually have lighter skin.

Hair: Much as humans. Jassiran catfolk typically dye their hair a myriad of jaunty colors, such as pink, blue, or orange; this practice is often kept up by their settler descendants.

Eyes: Catfolk have large eyes with vertically-slitted pupils. They have excellent night vision. Iris color covers a similar range as humans, with golds and reds being a bit more common.

Ears: Catfolk have large, expressive feline ears perched atop their heads.

Lifespan: About 80 years.

Maturity: 18 years.


Catfolk are one of the largest people groups in Savarra, natives to the great dunes and rolling plains of eastern continent. They are close relatives of humanity, said by some to be the progeny of human interbreeding with the great sphinxes once common to those lands — a notion that catfolk romanticize, and sphinxes find repugnant.

The average catfolk stands between five and six feet, and tend to be lithe and slender. They are largely human in appearance, save for a pair of expressive feline ears, a prehensile feline tail, and slitted eyes; when wearing a cloak and hood, it is almost impossible to tell a catfolk from a human beyond a few feet's distance.

Catfolk males stand a few inches taller on average than women, and tend towards being svelte rather than broad, and they have trouble growing facial hair and putting on muscle. Male prides are about the same size on average as a human's, though they have a ring of smooth nubs near the crown that, supposedly, grind against a catgirl's most sensitive spots to induce greater fertility when mating.

Female catfolk have wider hips and smaller waists than males, and typically have between B to C-cup breasts, with only a small percentage of the population growing over or under that range naturally. Catfolk with large breasts are seen as icons of fertility in Jassira, especially when lactating, and enjoy several social benefits from their figures. Many are urged to become priestesses, so that the favor the gods showed them may be passed on to the community.


Catfolk women are fertile year-round, but do endure a period of "heat" for one week out of every three. During this period, catgirls experience a significant spike in their libido and fertility. Because of these regular spikes in carnal desire, catgirls are widely regarded as being sexually promiscuous and available among other cultures. The preference of Jassiran catgirls to wear sheer silken dresses that expose most of their skin only reinforces this perspective.

After mating, a catgirl's pregnancy lasts for about eight months, and results in one or two kits in most cases. "Litters" or three or more are considered to be signs of favor from the gods, and are suitably rare. Newborn catfolk are blind and helpless for about six weeks, and rely on their mothers for nutrition for at least three years before weaning off to solid foods. It isn't uncommon, especially in Jassiran high society, for children to continue at least occasionally nursing from their mothers until near adulthood.

A catgirl in the later stages of pregnancy will begin lactating, and can maintain this lactation as long as she breastfeeds regularly. Because of the cultural value places on large breasts, and the catfolks' natural taste for milk, it's not uncommon for mothers to keep up their own lactation indefinitely with their help of their mates and children. Virtually every Jassiran brothel will have at least one girl whose speciality is breastfeeding her johns.


Catfolk are native to the southern deserts and plainslands of the eastern continent, where they lived in close contact with human and anubian tribes, and all lived beneath the great wings of the sphinxes that ruled the dunes from great stone towers. Catfolk were encountered by early western explorers long before the rise of Belhar. Due to the scarcity of fresh water and game, these primitive catfolk lived as nomadic hunters and herdsmen, and it wasn't until centuries later that permanent settlements began to appear across the shorelines to facilitate trade with the young Kingdom of Belvale across the strait.

The coastal catfolk city-states prospered greatly thanks to trade, quickly becoming beacons of wealth and culture across their continent. Humans and catfolk lived in these early settlements in roughly equal measure, interbreeding freely with each other and with the western merchants. Even still, some catfolk continued to live as nomads outside the cities, tending to the goats and horses that allowed their city-kin to prosper. The sphinxes that once dominated the deserts began to retreat, becoming more and more scarce as westerners constantly besieged their towers in search of treasure or ancient knowledge; today, the catfolks' supposed ancestors are now almost extinct, and show their faces rarely in the presence of humans.

When the Belharan Empire rose in the west, the catfolks' subjugation should have been a mere formality. However, a great general of the former kingdom that the empire arose from chose to make his last stand against "a tyranny that will last one thousand years" on the catfolks' doorstep, rallying the last of his legions and naval powers to form a new kingdom across the strait from his homeland. The city-states unified under his banners, either by marriage or by the point of sword, and his Belvallan followers began to settle across the coastlands.

Inevitably, this hope of an independent kingdom was crushed, and the realm this general forged became the Sultanate of Jassira, a client state of Belhar. Jassira would remain the empire's greatest exporter of slaves — perhaps a punishment for the bloody battles that lead to its conquest — for the next thousand years, until even after the Godswar. Only recently has Jassira fully regained its independence, thanks entirely to the slow and steady collapse of the empire.

Society & Culture

Jassira today is regarded as one of the wealthiest and most opulent counties in the world, thanks to its vibrant trade in slaves and precious gems. Some still harbor faint resentments towards the westerlands, but for most city-cats and their human neighbors, Jassira has been a free sultanate as long as they can remember. Trade relations with the remnant empire remain strong, but Jassiran merchants have begun to spread out all throughout the sea in search of new ports of call and markets to open.

Jassira's patron deity is Mallach, the god of beauty and passion. It's a good match, considering how decadent the cities and temples within the sultanate are, and how pleasure-oriented the upper crust's culture has become over the last centuries. Under Mallach's stewardship, the arts and performances have flourished, attracting patrons from all across the world to the baking shores of Jassira. Huge temples exist in his name in nearly every major city, combining the services of clerics, artists, and a brothel all in one neat package — and growing ever more wealthy.

Not all catfolk live in Jassira, of course; in fact, the majority of the race may now be living in the former empire's territory. The sultanate was, and continues to be, one of the greatest exporters of slaves in the world, and these sensual concubines have made their way from the furthest jungles of the south to the windswept Frost Marches of the north. Over countless generations, many have earned or won their freedom, and integrated more-or-less smoothly with the dominant human and elven population. Some attempt to keep their native culture alive, dying their hair and building shrines to Mallach, while others fully embrace Belharanism.

Codex Acquisition

Codex entry is unlocked at the start of the game

Other Information

  • Feline
Cute Adjectives
  • Kitten

Gameplay Attributes

Racial Bonus

Character Creation Options

Sexes Male
Height Range 5'0"(60") to 6'0"(72")
Hair Colors
  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Brown
  • Red
Eye Colors
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Golden
Skin Colors
  • Bronze
  • Dark
  • Pale
Cock Size Range 4" to 8"
Tit Cup Size Range A to D



Ambra Barney Boomer Cait Calla Calill Farrah Leorah
Ambra Barney Boomer Cait Calla Calill Farrah
River Rune Salwah Selima Tamarind Yset
River Rune Salwah Selima Tamarind Yset


  • According to Leorah, there is a stereotype that Catfolk have a certain fondness for milk and tits, which seems to be founded on some truth (Leorah herself is no exception).
  • Swishing of the tail can subconsciously indicate emotions such as excitement, such as how Leorah and Cait's tails may swish and thump nearby furniture when the Champion is present. Catfolk tails are also prehensile, and can be very dexterous.
  • Getting scratched between the ears is generally pleasurable for catfolk. They are also fond of rubbing their cheeks into someone as a sign of affection, similarly to cats.