Cat Harem

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EDITOR NOTE - Page is currently outdated, reworks coming soon.

A trio of female catfolk, (formerly) comprising Hirrud's harem. You meet them during the Missing Meows quest, and if you choose to let them stay with you, they can be found among the Guests in the Frost Hound.






All interactions with the harem outside of the necessary for progressing the quest are sexual. (Refer to Missing Meows for the rest.)

When they are found bathing in the Foothills during the quest:

  • Join - sex scene involving you and one of your companions
    • Use Dick
    • Les Out

If taken in as your own harem, you find them at The Frost Hound where they ask you to spend some quality time with us.

  • Next Time
  • LesboFun
  • CatPounding
    • Anal
    • No Thanks