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Full body art of Boomer by RattlePool
Creator BubbleLord
Species Catfolk
Gender Male
Occupation Mercenary
Cock Size 5"
Faction Marked Merk Mercenaries
Nationality Tronarii
Location Foothills (North and South)
Level 2
Health 145
Resolve 100

"P-Please, Cait! I-I asked you keep these talks between us! If the other mercenaries found out I was looking into other ways of making a living, they-"

Boomer is a mercenary, part of the Marked Merk Mercenaries that were hired to keep the roads safe and clear. Like Lusamine, he is one of the most recent recruits of the mercenaries, however as his talks with Cait are any indication, he is interested in learning about Mallach.

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Silly Mode - Fuck Guy/Fuck Boomer
"The mercenaries actually consist of two halves right now — the veterans and the most recent recruits. Boomer and I are part of the latter but most of the veterans are indistinguishable from us. Sometimes I think it's mostly just posturing on their part to act tough when most of them just aren't as talented as we are. Some of them didn't even understand knife-fighting when I joined!"
"Who, Boomer? He's not one of the bad eggs though! He's actually quite the sweetheart if you can believe it! I think the mercenary life doesn't really work for folks like him. Back home, his people apparently are a bit... closed-minded, I guess. I hope he really does seek out a job or profession that better fits him though; he'd make a cute priest of Mallach, don't you think?"
"Duh! He's cute and might end up worshipping and serving Mallach! If he keeps swinging by to talk about sex and stuff then it's my duty to see him opening his world to all sorts of fun stuff. And sex. I mean really, think of just how cute he could be in a dress and helping people feel relieved!"
—Also Cait


He's wearing oddly-loose clothes though; a white toga over a blue long-sleeved shirt and tight dark-green pants that hug his girlish thighs almost too tightly. He even has a nice bulge that Cait is incessantly trying to brush and tease with careful strokes along his thighs! It actually seems like she's almost assessing him; every appreciating lick of her lips is synced in harmony with every shade of red he blushes brighter and aroused wiggle whenever her fingers concealed cock.


As the Marked Mercenary Band

The Champion may first encounter Boomer after defeating the Marked Mercenary Band where they decide to Fuck Guy if they were victorious in combat. Having fucked Boomer at least once will change the option's name to Fuck Boomer.

At The Frost Hound

Having encountered the Marked Mercenary Band at least once, there is a 10% chance when approaching Cait at the Frost Hound to find her in conversation with Boomer. Cait seems to be teasing Boomer through careful strokes along his thighs, however she stops when the two notice the Champion approaching and she becomes them over. She introduces them to Boomer and mentions an interesting question he had asked her, however Boomer cuts her off by placing one of his dainty hands over her mouth. He stutters as he asks her to keep what they talked about a secret as he'd be in trouble with the mercenaries if they heard he was looking into other ways of making a living, however she cuts him off by saying:

"Silly! If you end up joining my faith, you'd be on your stomach all the time! It's more like a way of sexing than a way of living; you being the best partner you can be is something all of us strive for!"

Cait adds that if Boomer thinks it's tough out there, they should try following the Champion once in a while, as they get into way more trouble than he could dream of. She finishes off by stating that the Champion tried to help her with her sister and that it got crazy, before telling Boomer that he should probably get going as he's expected back on duty. Boomer nods and tries to speak but is ushered right out the door before he can say anything by Cait. This event can only occur once per day.


Technically, Boomer is not directly fought in combat as he takes the form of a generic mercenary as the Marked Mercenary Band. Listed below are the combat stats for the Marked Mercenary Band.


Attack Power: 18 Spellpower: 9
Sexiness: 4 Temptation: 6
Armor: 61 Physical Resist: 16
Warding: 28 Magic Resist: 3
Focus: 3 Mental Resist: 8
Evasion: 25

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Average Cocks
  • Big Asses

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses




Victory Sex Options (The option below is what is displayed if the Champion has not selected it before):

  • Fuck Guy - After all that trouble, you find your cock aching for a nice squeeze... surely this has to be a guy you can fuck in the butt! (requires a cock)

Victory Sex Options (The option below is what the option above will change to if the Champion has seen them previously):

  • Fuck Boomer - It's the catfolk boy, Boomer. He's got a thing for getting fucked in the ass and you've got an ache for using that cute pucker. (requires a cock)

At The Frost Hound:

  • FemDuoBJ - Etheryn and Boomer are both pretty cute — you wouldn't mind having them suck your dick as a team. (requires a cock, has met Boomer at the Frost Hound, and between 13:00 - 17:00)