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Consumables are non-transformative items that can be used in and/or out of combat that provide either a positive or negative effect to the target. The effects of these items are mostly temporary and will expire after a short amount of time. These items do not change the target's appearance, those can be found here: Transformative Items.

Recovery Items

Name Use Function
Hornet Honey In-Combat
  • Recover Resolve
  • +10 Focus (3 turns)
Kaelirra's Tears In-Combat Revive to 50% HP and Resolve
Oil of Oliban In-Combat
Recover Resolve
Remedy In-Combat Remove all negative effects
Vulnerary In-Combat
Recover HP
Winterstem In-Combat
  • In-Combat:
    • Recover HP & Resolve over 3 turns
  • Out-of-Combat:
    • Instantly recover HP & Resolve
Wyldsap In-Combat
Recover Full HP & Resolve

Combat Items

Name Use Function
Blood Iris In-Combat Apply Blight damage to weapon
Brazenberry Ale In-Combat
Conjurer's Concoction In-Combat
Effigy Seed In-Combat Effigy summon
Leananstone In-Combat
  • Apply damage to all enemies:
Ley-crystal Grenade In-Combat
  • Apply damage to all enemies:
    • Fire
    • Blight
    • Crushing
Naptha In-Combat Apply Fire damage to weapon
Steadfast Tonic In-Combat
Wyvern Venom In-Combat

Utility and Miscellaneous Items

Name Use Function
Bacon Strips Out-of-Combat
  • Well Fed (Champion)
  • Raise thickness
  • Lower tone
Blank Powder Out-of-Combat Temporary Sterility
Brown Leaf Out-of-Combat Temporary Infertility
Creamy Cheddar Out-of-Combat
Fresh Milk Out-of-Combat
  • Well Fed (Champion)
  • Milk fullness 100
  • Ball fullness 100
Ice Wine Out-of-Combat Lower Libido permanently
Kitsune Gift Out-of-Combat Gift Box
Lustful Liquor Out-of-Combat Raise Libido permanently
Ovilixer Out-of-Combat
Pupper Pale Ale Out-of-Combat Pale Ale boon (Party)
Razorcup Nectar Out-of-Combat Instant XP
Red Cow Wine Out-of-Combat
Trail Rations Out-of-Combat Well Fed (party)


Name Use Function
Tome of Arc Cannon Out-of-Combat Teach Arc Cannon
Tome of Carnal Hex Out-of-Combat Teach Carnal Hex
Tome of Counterspell Out-of-Combat Teach Counterspell
Tome of Disarm Out-of-Combat Teach Disarm
Tome of Heat Weapon Out-of-Combat Teach Heat Weapon
Tome of Leech Out-of-Combat Teach Leech
Tome of Kiaijutsu Out-of-Combat Teach Kiaijutsu