Pupper Pale Ale

From Corruption of Champions II
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Pupper Pale Ale
Pupper Ale
Author SomeKindofWizard
Type Consumable
Base Price 750
Additional Information
Stack Limit 1
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No
Version Added 0.2.2


A travel keg with Pupperidge-brewed ale, enough to get a whole adventuring party tipsy. The girls of Pupperidge are tough folk, and their ale is sure to impart a little of their own hardiness to weary travelers.

Additional Information

"There is something, I suppose. Some months ago Gianna stopped by a farm down in Harvest Valley — big place full of cowgirls. Couldn't care less for the milk myself, but they had some of the best pale ale that I'd ever tasted. We've been in the region every now and then, but Gianna's never stopped at that farm again. Just thinking about the taste makes my throat feel dry already, so if you get me a cask of that stuff I'd be more than willing to let go of that jeweled hilt in exchange. Sound good to you?"
Svern during the events of For Want Of A Nail


On consumption of the item, the following effects will occur:


Quest Related

For Want Of A Nail

One of the options in exchange for Svern's broken sword hilt is a Pupper Pale Ale.