Ruins of Xadaron

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Ruins of Xadaron
Creators The Observer
Quest Details
Quest Type Side
Requirements Completion of Specter of the Wyld Event
Quest Giver(s) Hethia
Level Range 5+
Location(s) Xadaron Temple Ruins
Is Timed? No
Unique Loot Yes
Other Information
Version Added 0.6.4

Writer Credit

The Observer

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Speak with Hethia after completing Specter of the Wyld Hethia and Elthara have asked for your help in retaking a druidic temple from a fungal infestation. When you're ready, you can talk to Hethia again to ask for more details, or set off if you so please.
1 Arrive at the Ruins of Xadaron Having arrived at the rather underwhelming remains of the ancient druidic temple, it's up to you to explore and then report back to Hethia once you've surveyed the ruins.
2 Defeat Archdruid Xadaron Laying low Archdruid Xadaron's spirit hasn't resolved the problem of the temple - if anything, it's made things worse. Another malevolent force that possesses these once hallowed halls of marble has made itself known, and the temple is far, far larger than its exterior would've suggested.

Buried only the gods know how deep beneath the earth, it's up to you and your companions to figure out the truth behind the temple and escape this place alive.

3 Defeat The Wyld Tree Everything's worked out well for all parties involved. The druids have something to look forward to and are willing to let go of the past, Ryn and Elthara have the agreement that they wanted, and you came out of this with a whole bunch of loot.

The last thing that remains is to show up at Ryn's throne room in a couple of days for a presentation ceremony; the druids wish to bestow some kind of gift upon her.

Attend the presentation ceremony Thanks to you, the situation with the druidic faction within the boreal elf society has been resolved: an agreement has been reach with regards to their reintroduction to the fold that everyone is content, if not happy with. Resettling the old temple village and running it with the auspices of the crown will let the druids mix with the rest of Ryn's subjects comfortably, and serve the larger goal of reclaiming lands lost during the Godswar.

There's still work to be done, and your venture into the ruins of Xadaron Temple has opened up more questions to be answered, but it looks like things are out of your hands now and others are picking up where you left off. The future's looking bright for the boreal elves.


Speaking to Hethia after completing the Specter of the Wyld event will trigger this quest.





Rotation Puzzle

You take the wheel and turn it, or not, as you desire. What's your next move?


Right Hold Right Hold Left

Wordlock Chest






Notable Loot and Rewards

Defeating the Incandescent Husk:

Defeating the Fungal Amalgamation:

Defeating the Wyld Tree:

Completing the quest: