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Full body art of the Lureling by Moira
Creator The Observer
Alias The Beast of the Deep
Species Lureling
Location Abyssal Depths
Level 6
Health 665
Resolve 1426
Strengths The Lureling has 2 action points

What does that mean? That doesn't add up — few, if any people have actually seen the beast, but everyone knows to call it that? Did someone pass down the order?

"No... we just know. Don't ask why, we just do. That's what it wants to be called... makes it feel like it's a little fearsome instead of being penned up and having its goop scraped off its slimy skin."

The Lureling is a creature who exists far below the Glacial Rift. Somehow it was found by Master Tollus and members of the Demon Cult loyal to him, and has been bent to their purpose. Tollus is experimenting with the Lureling's latent mind control ability, using it to psychically affect the beings of the Glacial Rift. You run into the Lureling's handiwork all across the Rift, as well as Demon Cultists dumping gray goo sloughed off the beast in any open water they can find, but only encounter the beast itself when you follow the cult down to the Abyssal Depths.

"Yes, my lureling. As you can see, it does what I want it to; as mighty as the abyssal creature is, trying to control hundreds of marions all at once tires it out and renders it docile and suggestible. Perfect for my purposes."
Master Tollus


When you recover, something ancient and terrible has emerged from the pool, sloshing with water even as it kicks away jagged chunks of debris. Whatever this... this thing is, it's a huge, blue-green creature easily sixteen feet tall, its body sinuous and serpentine sitting on tiny webbed legs — it looks like a cross between a frog, eel and some ungodly scion of an angler fish. Its mouth is a circular, slavering maw filled with ring after ring of spear-like teeth, its eyes tiny and beady to the point where you could very well believe them to be vestigial.

And most importantly, its entire body is encased in a layer of thick, gelatinous slime that continually sloughs off it and onto the ground into a disgusting puddle about its feet.


In The Abyssal Depths

As you travel through the Abyssal Depths, the psychic pressure exerted by the Lureling affects you and your allies. Your party members are confronted by their repressed insecurities and traumas, and at various points in the dungeon they nearly break down. You struggle on, and as you do battle with Master Tollus and Leold they retreat into the Lureling's chamber. Contained therein are the Selkie marions Tollus is using to keep the Lureling docile. He sets the selkies on you, and when you disperse them you inadvertently free them from the Lureling's control.

The Lureling erupts into the chamber shortly afterwards, focusing its will on you. If you searched the Cupboard in the Mage-Ship, Gweyr uses the Avanai circlets you looted to help shield your party as you battle the Lureling. If not, you grit your teeth and rally to battle the Lureling, but your party members are vulnerable to the Lureling's special attack where it takes control of a party member. If you're victorious, the Lureling sheds a Lureling's Eye as it flees the chamber and starts bringing the keep down. You're forced to escape through a nearby Waystone before the entire structure collapses on itself.

Bad End

If you lose at any point in the Abyssal Depths, you are subdued and presented to the Lureling. As Master Tollus monologues, the Lureling breaks your will with a combination of psychic powers and tentacles.


During combat, the Lureling will attempt to use its Lureling's Song ability. If you collected the Avanai circlets from the Cupboard in the Mage-Ship, the move will be ineffective. If you didn't, the move will stun one of your teammates and summon a more powerful version of said teammate on the Lureling's side. The Lureling then casts Banishment on itself, only returning to the battle once you've defeated your enthralled party member.

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 51.0 Spellpower: 81.0
Sexiness: 26.0 Temptation: 17.0
Armor: 167.0 Physical Resist: 40.0
Warding: 157.0 Magic Resist: 7.0
Focus: 18.0 Mental Resist: 27.0
Evasion: 37.0 Crushing Resist: 75.0
Fire Resist: -50.0 Frost Resist: 100.0
Penetrating Resist: 75.0 Storm Resist: 50.0
Tease Resist: -150.0 Pheromone Resist: -50.0
Mind Resist: 100.0
  • All Breasts
  • Vaginas
  • All Cocks
  • Big Asses
  • Small Asses
  • Milk
  • No Milk
N/A stealable - [+]

Quest Related

Winter Wolf

The Lureling is the final boss of the cult section of the Winter Wolf questline, and is referenced at several points leading up to the encounter.