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Full body art of Takahiro by Moira
Creator BubbleLord
Full name Takahiro Tsukuda (佃 貴大)
Species Kitsune
Gender Male
Occupation Brewer
Town Drunk
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country

"Takahiro here is simply returning with yet another failure. Number twenty-two, if memory serves. But I'm not here to take out this... wastrel; I'm heading out to coordinate the others so try not to dawdle with this buffoon for too long."

Takahiro is the resident brewer and incorrigible drunk of the Kurokawa kitsune den.

This content is planned to be shortly, but not yet implemented in-game yet.


Takahiro's lean, athletic build accents his modest height of 5'11" well. His facial features border on androgynous with his jawline well-formed yet smoothing and black hair's bangs parted to crown his narrow eyes and thick eyelashes. Although his hair isn't terribly long in the front, the kitsune's hair is drawn into a high ponytail that sits as tall as black. His massive, white-tipped fox ears appear wider than any of the other kitsune ears around. Yet his attire draws your attention more than anything else; Takahiro wears some kind of sage green, multi-plated armor; compared to the other sets of armor, it's completely unique and more form-fit. Compared to the other kitsune, it seems unnecessarily old with its chipped paint and battle scarring. One might fathom him the sort to be an elite among the floofs, experienced with countless battles under his belt.


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