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Artwork by BREAD
Personal Information
Full Name Armitia Moongiven
Titles High Priestess Armitia Moongiven
Occupation High Priestess of Tira
Location Khor'Minos
Religion Tiran
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female

Armitia Moongiven is a high priestess of Tira met during the Royal Feast.


A strikingly beautiful human woman, raven-haired and remarkably pale, is standing alone among the collection of weapons on display. Her hands are clasped behind her back, and she seems engrossed in examining a pair of war-axes each taller than she is, crossed over an Imperial-era bronze breastplate. You recognize her dark vestments as that of a priestess, though she's baring a bit more skin than most clergy save Mallach's. You suppose courtly fashion strikes even the priestly class.


The champion can interact with Armitia during the third phase of the feast, being able to ask her about herself and various tiran-related topics.


During the feast, after you finish talking with her she will propose to have sex with you if you have the 'Tiran's Blessing' buff, have exhausted her talk options and have a dick.

  • Sixty-Nine: Let the priestess rest you on your back and use her lips on your beefy member.
  • Footjob: Lean back and get comfortable while Armitia stroke you off with her pretty pale feet.
  • Fuck her moons: Bend Armitia into the divan and fuck her buttcheeks before you take her ass.