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Item Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Weapon Class 2H (Heavy)
Class Type Melee
Price 800
Has Special Effect? Yes
Is Unique? Yes
Tags Bladed
Stack Limit 1
Armor - Armor Penetration 20
Evasion -10 Ward -
Accuracy 10 Critical Chance -
Damage & Resistances
Damage Category PHYSICAL
Damage Type Resistances
45 Penetrating -
This is the great spear Caranbrot, which clove the black thorn from the dragon Azgaloth's breast. No one truly knows how the thorn found its way into the mighty drake's body, but it dug almost to his heart and drove him into such a rage that it threatened the Yvennese countryside. I bequeathed this spear to a nameless warrior who, rather than slaying the dragon, used it to skewer the thorn and pry it out before it could sink deeper. The knight chose to return Caranbrot to me immediately afterwards, and it has remained here ever since.



The greatspear that once saved a dragon. This weapon is large, but rather than feeling unwieldy it settles in the hands like an extension of the self. Apart from the winged guard, it looks no different than an average spear, but its aura is true to its status as a relic.

Special Effect: On hit, gain a [Toughness * 1.25] HP shield.

Special Effect

When the wielder hits a target with a damaging attack, they gain the Shielded combat effect with [Toughness * 1.25] HP shield.


Given by Lumia as one of the four choosable rewards for completing Shadows Over the Sun.

Used By