Bottom Heavy Belt

From Corruption of Champions II
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Bottom Heavy Belt
Creators Balak Knightfang
Other Name(s) BottomHeavyBelt
Item Type Attire
Slot Waist
Price 500
Has Special Effect? Yes
Is Unique? No
Tags Leather
Stack Limit 1
Version Added 0.3.21
Sexiness 5 Temptation 5


A leather belt with electrum runes scrawled along its length. The belt, while heavy, does its job well; you don't know that you can think of another that's held your trousers up quite as well.

Special Effect: This enchanted belt takes the nutrients from a proper anal filling and uses them to increase the size of the wearer's rear.

Special Effect

When the wielder receives the Anally Filled status effect, the following effects may occur:

Condition Change
If Butt Rating is < 20 Anally Filled status effect is removed

Raise Butt Rating (1-2)(until 20)


Used By

Currently not used by any character.