A Taste of Draconic Power

From Corruption of Champions II
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A Taste of Draconic Power
Quest Giver Crystalized Dracian Blood
Requirements Aquired the Crystallized Dracian Blood during The Demon of Ice
Level Range ?
Quest Type Side
Reward Access to Dragonsblood/Dark Dragonsblood
Location Dracia
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Return from Dracia with Crystalized Dracian Blood You returned from Dracia with a crystal seemingly made of magically-charged blood, perhaps descended from dragons. A skilled enchantress such as Viviane might be able to turn it into something truly special...
1 Show Crystalized Dracian blood to Viviane in her house. You dropped the Dracian blood gem off with Viv for study, but she's asked you to help her gather some reagents: nine clippings of cinderleaf should be enough to help her synthesize the transformative.
2 Bring Cinderleaf/Ashenleaf to Viviane You brought the goods to Viv. She needs three days to finish up./ You brought ashenleaf to Viv instead of cinderleaf. Should be just as good, right? She needs three days to finish up.
3 (complete) Visit Viviane after 3 days. You've checked in with Viv and seen what fruit her work has yielded. You can purchase Dragonsblood from her at your leisure from now on.


This quest will be automatically aquired after leaving Dracia with Crystalized Dracian Blood.


To make something useful out of the crystalized dracian blood, the champion needs to visit someone more well versed in magic than they are.

Viviane's Assessment

After bringing the crystal to Viviane in her house, she will surmise it is a kind of a 'pot' that wants to imbude its energy into something. She will then bring out a plant pot and forge the gem into a coating for bottom of the pot where it will cradle the roots.

The wait

After bringing cinderleaf or ashenleaf to Viviane, you will have to wait 3 days for her to work her magic.


After the 3 day wait is over, Viviane will tell you she successfully grown a plant that grows dragonblood crystals.

Notable Loot & Reward

5x Dragonsblood/ Dark Dragonsblood.
Vivane now sells Dragonsblood/Dark Dragonsblood for 150 electrum