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Antonina by anonymous
Creator The Observer
Full name Antonina
Nickname(s) Nina
Species Harpy
Gender Female
Occupation Oracle
Family Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Sisters
Location Wayfort
Version Added 0.5.19

All right, this one's clearly had too much to drink — anyone who would describe brazenberry ale as exquisite clearly isn't thinking straight. You wave over to Rumie and ask the beetender if she's going to do anything about the situation.

"Oh, that's just Antonina," Rumie replies.

"Just Nina," the harpy mumbles, slurring her words. For a moment, she looks like her face is going to be introduced to the tabletop, but she pulls back at the last moment to avoid the collision.

Nina is a grey-feathered harpy that has visions of the future and spends most of her time at Rumie’s bar drinking Brazenberry Ale. She’s gifted with psionics and wears an eyepatch over her left eye.


Antonina, or simply Nina as she prefers to be called, is a petite harpy who spends much of her time in Rumie's completely smashed, which accounts for the faint scent of alcohol that perpetually hangs around her like an aura — or if one were less inclined to be charitable, a miasma. Being short and slender for one of her kind puts Nina at being comfortably curvaceous when compared to other peoples, the kind of not-too-big-yet-not-too-small that's obvious enough to be distinctly feminine yet comfortably unassuming when it comes to body shape. Her hair and feathers proper share the same shade of deep stormcloud-grey, and while the former's been cropped short for manageability it's hard for a woman of her pursuits to look anything but slightly ruffled even at the best of times.

As with harpies, Nina's hands and feet end in bird-like claws, long flight feathers adorning her arm-wings; a pair of armlets do their best to keep the plumage in check where it intersects with the more human portion of her body. She's otherwise clad in a simple two-piece that looks like it's been thrown together from bits and bobs for modesty's sake — ragged brown linen, feathers from who knows where, shiny bits and bobs. But there's one detail that stands out in her otherwise unassuming stature — Nina's left eye, or your right, is covered by an eyepatch. The way her other eye works overtime and her lack of depth perception implies that the eyepatch isn't just for show... that must be a problem when flying, then. That is, if she even flies these days...

It's hard to tell, really. The empty jugs and other drink containers which surround Nina are legion, quiet guardians to bear witness to her flushed face and one good eye with its deep grey depths. The scene, however, doesn't appear to trouble Rumie in the least, nor does anyone appear to be concerned about the fact that by the empties alone, Nina may very well have drank more than her body volume in alcohol.


First Encounter

Once you complete the Palace of Ice dungeon in the Winter City, Nina will appear at the Wayfort and shares a tile with Rumie. She will be completely smashed on alcohol and face-down on the bar. Rumie will tell you that Nina spends all day at the bar, pays upfront, and doesn’t cause any trouble.

Second Encounter

The next time you speak with Nina, you’ll actually have a conversation with her that lasts more than a sentence or two. She will explain that she has visions of the future, granting by “higher beings”, not quite The Seven, but beings like the Fey Queen or the Wyld Trees. The visions and knowledge granted thereof caused her to be kicked out by the other harpies, and leads to headaches, exhaustion, and dry mouth.

During this conversation, Nina will start having a vision, wherein she slump, start rambling and her eyepatch will become wet. After a few minutes, she will sit up and talk as if nothing happened. She will mention that she had a vision about you, which you can later ask about in her talk menu.

Subsequent Encounters


  • Vision: So, what was in the vision she had when you approached her? What did you do? (Gives Vision Quest)
  • Weirdness: So, Rumie said something about odd things happening to people who bother her…
    • Continue: Try to turn the tables on her, turnabout is fair play.
    • Stop: You’ve had enough, she’s made her point. Break the stare and disengage your mind from hers.
  • Trivia: She has visions and possesses all this cosmic knowledge, right? Why doesn’t she tell you something interesting?
  • Psionics: So, what’s it like being able to alter the world with her mind? (unlocked after Weirdness)
  • Herself


Invite Nina back to your bedchambers for a little romp in the hay.

  • Crater: You’ve got a drunk, amorous harpy in your bed. Do to her what harpies are best used for and rail her in just about every hole; if she isn’t knocked up from this, it won’t be for lack of trying.
  • Cock Worship: Well, it might not be outright worship, but your phallus can always receive the attention it’s always deserved from a harpy.
  • Face Sitting: It’s all fun and games until someone gets suffocated…
  • Get Worshipped: Have Nina service you orally.
  • Sixty-Nine: Twice at once, more’s the fun!

Quest Related

Vision Quest