Grave of Saints

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Grave of Saints

Grave of Saints map.png

Map of Grave of Saints
Region Undermountain
Level range 6+
Accessible from Undermountain
Neutral Hub No

Calise points ahead to where the path lets out onto a stretch of even ground, maybe twenty feet across, dominated by a pair of enormous marble statues that stand proudly on either side of a vaulted door. One statue depicts the nude, slender figure of Sorra, her feathered wings outstretched and spear held high; the other, the curvaceous body of the human deity Tira, wearing little besides funerary wrappings and a robe, and presenting a headsman's axe. Their weapons touch at the tips, and from that point hangs a single copper lantern lit with a flickering green flame.

The Grave of Saints is a tomb on the mountain peaks. It is dedicated to Persenne, a minotaur shamaness who pledged herself to Tira to save her people from a plague. Calise believes they hold the Ring of Fate, a relic that could be used to defend against corruption.

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Points of Interest

Blessed Door

The Tiran graves end at a vaulted door to the east, currently sealed tightly. The door depicts Tira once again, painted larger than life and exaggerated to cowgirl-like proportions. The goddess has her headsman's axe in one hand, and the other is holding a lantern aloft, just like the one you saw hanging above the Grave of Saints' entrance. You can see a small indentation in the door beneath the painted lantern, barely bigger than your thumb.

To the north, the way is blocked by a sealed door. You need the Jade Teardrop to reach the alcove within, where you can find the Ring of Fate.

  • Open: Try opening the door anyway.
  • Please Teardrop: The jade teardrop stone you acquired seems a perfect fit for the door. (requires Jade Teardrop)

Once you've collected the ring and dealt with Vacia & Bruno, you can Take Teardrop, which will upgrade your Ring of Fate if you have it equipped.

Robbed Tomb

This might be a noble family's mausoleum, but the bodies have been thoroughly defiled, their skeletons shattered to the floor and scattered by the demons searching for booty.

Heading down the south path, you encounter the Tomb Raiders searching for loot. Once they've been dealt with, you can choose what to do with what they left behind.

  • Take Lucre: Bag up all the gold and jewels the demons had taken; there's a small fortune in grave goods ripe for pillaging. (+2 corruption, +2,000 EC)
  • Respect Dead: Return the skeletons to their rightful alcoves along with their grave goods.

Patriarch's Grave

There is a tremendous mausoleum at the end of the southern hall. Once it might have been secured by a pair of heavy bronze-faced doors, but they've been cracked open and left hanging in splinters off the hinges. A huge mural dominates all the walls within, displaying a primitive minotaur king in fur-lined hides and a golden belt, breastplate, and crown lifting up a tremendous labrys over his head. The king's face is obscured by a strange, bearded mask wrought in a perpetual grimace, with a mob of curly copper hair.

Once you reach the fork on the south path, taking the lower route leads you to a gem puzzle which you can solve to collect the Patrician Mask.

Cleric's Grave

A lone grave sits in the final chamber on this long passage, humble in its own adornment but surrounded by a mural that depicts the goddesses Tira and Sorra, far larger than life, shaking hands in friendship. Beneath them, closer to human size, are a pair of cowgirls, one dressed in black robes and the other in a feather tunic that leaves little to the imagination. The two cows are locked in a loving embrace, holding each other tightly.

The upper route on the south path leads to the Jade Teardrop, which you need to unlock the Blessed Door.

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Quest Related

The Ring of Fate

Calise joins you in journeying to the Grave of Saints to retrieve the Ring of Fate.