Tomb Raiders

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Tomb Raiders



Uses Demon Smugglers headshots by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Demons
Gender Female (Hermaphrodite)
Faction Demon Cult
Location Grave of Saints
Level 6
Health 314
Version Added 0.4.39

One of the demonesses lifts up a beautiful necklace, holding it up to the light of a torch she carries. "Wow, who knew all this treasure was up here all this time?"

"Imagine all the humiliating things I had to do just to scrape together the hawks for food," another demoness sighs. "What a poor fool I was — should have robbed this place long ago. Now what am I going to do with all this money?"

The Tomb Raiders are a group of Demons who infiltrated the Grave of Saints. While they're meant to be searching for the Ring of Fate, they've taken the opportunity to relieve those entombed of many treasures and trinkets.

Tomb Robber


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Attack Power: 51.0 Armor Penetration: 44.0
Spellpower: 21.0 Spell Penetration: 17.0
Sexiness: 32.0 Temptation: 17.0
Accuracy: 45.0 Critical Chance: 22.0
Armor: 52.0 Physical Resist: 10.0
Warding: 42.0 Magic Resist: 17.0
Focus: 21.0 Mental Resist: 2.0
Evasion: 53.0
N/A N/A stealable - [+]

Grave Witch


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Caption text
Attack Power: 21.0 Armor Penetration: 7.0
Spellpower: 80.0 Spell Penetration: 17.0
Sexiness: 17.0 Temptation: 7.0
Accuracy: 34.0 Critical Chance: 17.0
Armor: 42.0 Physical Resist: 10.0
Warding: 107.0 Magic Resist: 47.0
Focus: 24.0 Mental Resist: 15.0
Evasion: 47.0
N/A N/A stealable - [+]

Total Gain Per Encounter

Composition Total Loot
2 Tomb Robbers, 2 Grave Witches


You hear the Tomb Raiders before you see them, giggling among themselves as they loot the tomb. As they approach, one of them admits to being worried about ghosts.

  • Attack: Charge straight in and take these giggling demons by surprise!
  • Leananstone: In confined spaces like these, throwing a leananstone in while they aren't expecting an attack should have a pretty devastating effect. (requires Leananstone)
  • Scare Them: If these demonesses are afraid of ghosts, you might be able to scare them off entirely if you can manage a good enough performance.

If you Scare Them and match at least one of the conditions - Charmer class, Minstrel background, or 66% Presence - you're able to send the Tomb Raiders off without having to fight them. Otherwise, this leads to combat, although you start with a bonus if you ambush them with Attack or Leananstone. If victorious, you choose what to do with the demons.

  • Get Relief: Demons are only good for one thing and there's no way you're gonna pass up an opportunity to put a bunch of sexy succubi to use. Right? (see Sex)
  • Let Go: Just let the demons go with a warning.
  • Execute: Remove these demons from your world.

If you choose Let Go, the demons scurry off promising you won't regret it. Or if you choose Execute, the quartet are quickly dispatched.

Bad End

If you lose to the Tomb Robbers they advance with ill intent on your and your companions, although Calise disappears in the chaos. You are comprehensively used by the demons, as Vacia & Bruno appear and join in as well. Once you're broken you're taken to Kasyrra, and serve on her lap as she brings the realm to its knees.


If you choose to Get Relief from the Tomb Raiders, you have the following options for seeking satisfaction.

  • All Together: Show them who's boss. Expect certain companions to join you and do you! (Cait, Brint, and Arona will join if present)
    • Cock: All of them should get a taste and then a thorough pounding. (requires penis)
    • Pussy: Riding a motley bunch of demons into the dirt is one way to end up legless, but you'll practice restraint. Right? (requires vagina)
    • Ass: They could all have a go with your butt. There's plenty of dick in this orgy and even more can be magicked out of the ether if need be.
  • Solo Orgy: Get all four of these demonic magpies to figure out how best to please you, and only you. Everything's getting used here. You will definitely be filled up.

Quests and Events

The Ring of Fate

The Tomb Raiders are the Grave of Saints seeking the same treasure as you, and need to be dealt with to complete the dungeon.