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Personal Information
Full Name Varena Moratia
Titles First Princess
Relatives Kelsaz (father)
Vrannus (brother)
Occupation Princess of Khor'Minos
Location Khor'Minos
Biological Information
Species Minotaur Cowgirl
Gender Female

"I'd rather you hear from her herself! She's an eloquent speaker, and never afraid to speak her mind, either. Give her a chance and I'm sure she'd talk your ear off about her art and studies. Never have I met a woman as passionate and talented as my Varena."
-King Kelsaz

Varena is the first princess of Khor'Minos, first met during the Royal Feast. A very driven woman of many talents. A natural artist, she is responsible for some of the art pieces in the palace, the city, and even in Ember's taphouse. She also seems to have talent for magic, as Barney puts it 'She's very nearly your (Cait) equal, my dear.'


A young woman joins the king, strong-bodied and exceptionally voluptuous even by the local standard, stepping out through the curtain and running a hand through braided black hair. She's wearing the same royal red as he is, though her outfit is a beautiful ballgown that is more modest than any outfit you've seen tonight, draped down to her ankles and adorned with a small fortune's worth of jewelry.

She's well-built for a cowgirl, tall and broad, fertile figure accentuated by a beautiful red gown clinging to her wide hips and large, half-bare bosom. Long gloves reach up light brown, faintly-muscled arms, and a tiara bedecked with diamonds crowns a head of wavy black hair. But above it all, it's her smile that draws your eyes, perfectly encapsulating the softly inviting radiance she exudes.


Varena can be spoken to during the feast, at the same as the king, offering extra insights about her family, the situation in the city and around it, and about herself.