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Warg Bust.png
A Warg bust by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Species Warg
Gender Female
Location Westbank(during Dog Days quest)
Level 2
Health 250
Resolve 100


A misshapen mound of muscle, maw and matted fur. Clearly the druidess picked the strongest, most beastly animal she could find in order to complement her — snaggletoothed and with a most vicious visage, the warg lounges by the riverside on its belly. It contents itself with endlessly grooming its dirty white fur, staving off boredom as best as it can.


Currently there are two wargs that can be encountered, Norathar; the warg that accompanies Hethia during the Dog Days quest and Gerik who is encountered along side Infrith and Hretha when infiltrating the orc camp during the Right of Conquest quest.



Attack Power: 21 Spellpower: 9
Sexiness: 3 Armor: 7
Physical Resist: 7 Warding: 3
Magic Resist: 3 Focus: 3
Mental Resist: 10 Evasion: -12
Blight Resist: -75 Tease Resist: 100
Drug Resist: 100 Pheromone Resist: 100


Quest Related

Dog Days

In some choices Norathar can assist Hethia in fighting the Champion, in others she will fight Garret

Right of Conquest

Gerik will fight alongside his masters Infrith and Hretha