Ice Shard

From Corruption of Champions II
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Glowing Ice Shard
Ice Shard
Additional Information
Usable Yes
Combat Usable No
Additional Flags Arctic Fox/Vulpine TF

Ice Shard is a consumable transformative item. As the name suggests, consuming a dose produces a random transformation towards an anthropomorphic arctic fox.


Written by The Observer

A shard of ice, long, jagged, and about the size of your finger. Faint wisps of frost rise from its surface as a pale blue light pulses within, clearly denoting the presence of magic at work here, regardless of how minor it might be. Surprisingly, the shard is merely cool to the touch, though firmly unmelting no matter how much warmth it sucks from your body.




This item will be consumed on use. In doing so, one or more of the effects listed below will randomly occur. The item can be alchemically refined with the listed reagents to limit its effects only to that target.

Transformative Effects
Condition Change Reagent/Target
  • If the Champion's face is not vulpine-like, muzzled or furred
  • The Champion's face will become vulpine-like, muzzled and furred
Soft Mud (face)
  • If the Champion's ears are not vulpine-like
  • Ears will become vulpine-like and furred
Laurel Sprig (head)
  • If the Champion's hair is not white
  • Hair will become white
  • If the Champion's hair is not mane like
  • Hair will become mane like
  • If the Champion does not have vulpine-like arms
  • The Champion's arms will become vulpine-like
Yew Branch (limbs)
  • If the Champion's hands do not have claws
  • The Champion's will receive canine claws
  • If the Champion does not have digitigrade legs
  • The Champion's legs will change to digitigrade
  • If the Champion does not have a tail
  • If the Champion has a tail but is not vulpine-like
  • A single vulpine tail is grown
Tall Reed (tail)
  • If the Champion has a cock
    • If the Champion's cock is not canine
  • Cock will become canine and all its other related traits
Turgid Mushroom (cock)
  • If the Champion has a pussy
    • If the Champion's pussy is not arctic vulpine
  • Pussy will become icy and vulpine-like
Lush Orchid (pussy)
  • If the Champion does not have fur
  • The Champion will grow fur with a light dusting of frost
    • The fur color will be white
Mandrake Root (body)
  • If the Champion has fur
    • If the Champion's fur color is not white
  • The Champion's fur color will change to white

If the Champion has all of the listed features, consuming the item or any of its alchemical mixes will produce no effect.