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Full body art of Hitoshi by Moira
Creator The Observer
Full name Hitoshi Kurokawa (黒川 仁)
Species Kitsune
Gender Male
Occupation Farmer
Height 6'5"
Spouse Kinu (Inari Shoujo) (Fiancée)
Relatives Komari (great-great-grandmother)
Miko and Mai (cousins)
Nakano (cousin)
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country

"Ha-ha. It's Kiyoko's girl, isn't it? The white-furred pretty thing with the fluffy jacket?"

Hitoshi swallowed hard, ears folding flat against his head. "Yes, Great-Great-Grandmother. She showed me her daikon and wanted me to appraise it."

"She—" Eyes bulging, Komari choked on her cigarette smoke, then burst out into raucous laughter. "You couldn't — no, no, you're too good a boy to do that to your poor old granny, Hitoshi. Oh yes, Kiyoko's girl wanted to show you her daikon, right, right. What else did she do?"

Hitoshi Kurokawa is a stolid five-tailed kitsune who resides in the Kurokawa kitsune den. The great-great-grandson of the den matron and imperial governor Komari, he does not truly have any formal position in the den whatsoever, but is well-respected and usually consulted on matters of the den's food supply. If Kinu takes on the young inari personality, she will fall for his quiet yet dependable nature and they will become an item.


At six foot five, Hitoshi Kurokawa is perhaps a little taller than most in the Marches, but absolutely gigantic by kitsune standards. Tall, muscular and thick-bodied, the five-tailed kitsune scratches his close-cropped hair and shrugs, his face completely peaceable and calm as he folds his palms on the base on his hoe. His clothes are simple and a uniform shade of indigo save for the sash about his waist, and there's a vaguely religious and spiritual air to them. There's dirt under his nails, calluses on his palms and fingers, and you have the impression that if a rolling boulder smacked full-on into his path it would be the boulder that cracked and not him.

History/Personality/Information of Note

Hitoshi Kurokawa is another one of Komari's many great-great-grandchildren, being born and bred in the colonies five generations down from Komari herself. He is very tall and muscular, easily dwarfing everyone around him; some people (like kitsune hime Kinu) tend to find his appearance off-putting or frightening, but young inari Kinu is unperturbed by his appearance, clinging onto his quiet, stolid and dependable personality in addition to their shared love of agricultural pursuits. Despite his hulking appearance, strength and constitution, as well as his stoic and taciturn nature, Hitoshi is an affable soul and is actually extremely kind and selfless, quickly helping others without a second thought and never holding a grudge for things people say about him. He isn't stupid, as he can speak quite well and eloquently when the situation calls for it, but his replies to most questions tend to be monosyllabic and to the point. His stone-faced responses to Miko's attempts at teasing him since they were children only encourages his cousin to try harder, confident that she'll be able to crack him someday.

Hitoshi cares for a few things: his family, his crops and livestock, and later on, young inari Kinu. The rest of the world, with its foils and follibles, may as well not exist; he is aware that his great-great-grandmother and cousins are about important matters and is willing to help them in the form of several good meals and any assistance they might require, but he is simply content to let the world pass him by so long as what he is concerned with is not threatened. Presumably, he could do a lot more than work the land and come up with numerous ways to go about this better, but his almost spiritual contentment with his lot in life has killed any greater ambitions he might have had beyond the agricultural.

It's hard to tell whether Hitoshi is truly oblivious to Kinu's flirting, or if he's teasing her by pretending to be so; there's certainly ample evidence to suggest either. Kinu herself has long since given up on any of Miko's salacious suggestions and has resorted to bringing him big boxed lunches everyday made from ingredients grown in her own fields; this certainly has had better results than snuggling up to him has. Like his cousin Miko, Hitoshi always has a good appetite and has never turned down food from the women in his life, being willing to share his quite elaborate and exacting opinions on such if asked. It's implied that he got into agriculture because people were always scolding him for eating too much; however, despite always being at least a little hungry all the time, he isn't an outright glutton like Miko is.

He's been shown to be a decent handyman, making repairs to the various waterworks, ditches and sluices about the den, as well as helping Kinu with the restoration of her mother's old home. Hitoshi is also a little more pious than most, being careful to regularly bring offerings to Keros' shrine, although he's always careful to try and time things such that Mai's on duty instead of Miko. Komari is quietly approving of her greatgreat-grandson, noting that the colonies could certainly use more hardworking people like him, and that he reminds her of her long-dead husband; she's certainly more than enthusiastic to see him and Kinu tie the knot.


Hitoshi is primarily seen in events with other kitsune in the Kurokawa Kitsune Den, and rarely interacts with you directly. In one of Takahiro's events, Hitoshi is being harassed by the drunkard, and you can choose to Aid Takahiro, Help Hitoshi, or Just Leave.

If you decline Rindo's concubinage and have Hime Kinu, then you can return to the den to witness Rindo and Hitoshi's wedding. If you choose Yes to give Rindo well-wishes on her special day, Hitoshi is with her.

If you have Inari Kinu, then there are a few events from Kinu's perspective where your daughter tries to court the towering farmer, and their budding relationship is the subject of a lot of den talks with other kitsune around the den. He's also present trying to mediate a fight between Komari and Mai, for either Hime or Inari Kinu.


  • Hitoshi is a reference to a character of the same name and rather similar personality from the game Princess Maker 5.