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Art by Moira
Creators Jstar
Personal Information
Full Name Tetsuya Oja
Pronunciation TET-SOO-YAH
Relatives Natsumi Oja (Twin Sister)
Keros (Distant)
Matriarch Arisu Oja (Distantly)
Other Relations Setsuna (Daughter, Possible)
Unnamed Children (Possible)
Occupation Prince
Location Kurokawa Kitsune Den
Religion Kerosite
Nationality The Old Country
Biological Information
Species Kitsune
Gender Male
Height 5’9”
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gold
Tail Count 4 (Starting)
Other Information
Version Added 0.5.32

Tetsuya is a male kitsune that you can encounter in the Kurokawa Kitsune Den after completing the quest Den of Foxes. A prince of The Old Country and a distant descendant of Keros, Tetsuya is a romantically-inclined aspiring father-to-be.


Standing at five feet nine inches, Tetsuya is a thin, yet remarkably wiry individual. Save for the red markings on his ears, his hair and fur is the exact same white tint. Unlike the voluminous plushiness of his tails and ear fuzz, his rich, lengthy hair is silky smooth in comparison. Sure, his hairstyle might not be completely straight, but it's not for a lack of trying on account of how pristine it looks. You even pick up a faint, aromantic floral scent coming from the fox-man; likely the oils which give his hair and fur their glossy sheen. Personal hygiene clearly means a lot to him. After all, what kind of noble would he be if he didn't maintain his own immaculate appearance?

Framed by a set of alabaster locks, Tetsuya's noble features and pale complexion exude a certain air of regality. Not the irksome, pompous attitude that comes from an overinflated ego, nor the imperial entitlement which sports a callous, oppressive air. No, this is a sublime, yet welcoming regalness, and that means comfort. Through his actions and grace, this noble scion earns his respect rather than expecting it from others. Nevertheless, while the air is still peaceful, you use this time to fully take in his pretty boy looks.

First and foremost, there's his eyes: they may be closed at the moment, but there's no mistaking the power of those red markings to draw your attention to his golden irises. Then, there's the rest of his face to consider. Trailing your gaze down the bridge of his nose, the journey quickly comes to an end at his pert tip, and below that is his soft lips. Furthermore, starting from his pointed chin, it rises and meets his sharp jawline. And, to top it all off, his pale face is free of any blemishes or grime. Overall, Tetsuya is an easy man to look at.

Continuing downwards, you stop to look at his arms. And, it's just as you expected: there's no calluses or scars on his hands. Save for the faded ink marks on a couple tips of his fingers, his palms are as pure as the fresh driven snow. Furthermore, Tetsuya's wiry physique has a lean muscle definition to it. By no means is he a feeble guy; that said, you don't get the impression that he does much physical labor. He's athletic, but he's no warrior or field worker.


Tetsuya has a number of unique encounters outside of his normal interaction menu that influence his relationship with you and affect his story, detailed below. Your choices during these scenes affect your

First Encounter

Once you finish the quest Den of Foxes, there will be on a special event star on the first floor of the Kurokawa Kitsune Den. If you pass over the spot, it will trigger the scene and you will spy Tetsuya observing his reflection in the water. After talking briefly with him, a small Kitsune child will dart out of the underbrush and trip onto her face. Tetsuya will walk her home, and you will have the option to Help take the child home or just Leave.

If you choose to Help, you and Tetsuya will escort the child home to her father who will invite you inside for a meal. Afterwards, once you and Tetsuya have departed the home, he will confide in you a desire to settle down and have a family. You can take this chance to Woo him or stay Casual.

If you choose to Leave, the event will end and you will have proper introductions when you interact with him for the first time on his normal map tile.

Second Encounter

The third time you visit Tetsuya, the fox-prince will not be at his home.

If you chose to Leave during the First Encounter, you and your party will leave and you will need to wait 24 hours before being able to interact with Tetsuya again.

If you chose to Help during the First Encounter, the Kitsune child from before will appear and tell you that she saw Tetsuya in the gardens by the Shrine and that he looks sad.

Once you arrive at the tile where Tetsuya is temporarily, you will quickly pick up on the fact that he is acting different. He will try to brush you off, and you will have the choice to push for The Truth or Drop It.

If you push for The Truth, Tetsuya will take you on a walk and open up to you about his past and why he is actually here in the Frost Marches instead of back home in The Old Country. After some conversation between the two of you, he will tell you he needs some time to think and the encounter will end.

If you Drop It, you will follow Tetsuya back home and be given his main prompt menu.

Third Encounter

This encounter will only trigger once 24 or more hours have passed since the last special encounter. When this encounter begins, Tetsuya will be missing from his home tile.

You will need to wait another 24 hours; upon waking up after enough time has passed you will find a paper crane next to you with a message from Tetsuya asking you to meet him in the Harvest Valley.

Fourth Encounter

When you meet with Tetsuya in Harvest Valley, he will confess that he has become enamored with you and ask if you want to become something more intimate. There will be a special confession CG you will see at this point and you will have two choices to make from here. You can choose to Kiss Him or continue to be Just Friends. There is a slight variant if you meet him during 'golden hour' (~7:55-8:55)

Choosing to Kiss Him will set Tetsuya as your lover, while continuing to stay friends will set Tetsuya as a friend. Kissing him will have the two of you walk back to the den together


Tetsuyas prompt menu.


Once you have completed the quest Meet and Greet, and if you chose to Leave during your first encounter with Tetsuya, you will get the prompt [W.Kitsune] once you pass over his tile and be able to properly introduce yourselves to each other.

On subsequent visits, he will greet you and invite you in for tea.

Once you have at least one kit with Tetsuya, there will be a small chance to find him still asleep when you arrive. You will have the options to Wake Up or Sleep With Tetsuya. Alternatively, you can just leave and let him sleep. Leaving will give you the options to just Leave or suck him off before you go.



  • Himself
  • Kinu: What’s his thoughts on your eldest fox daughter? (Requires Kiyoko to have been released)
  • Miko & Mai
  • Komari
  • Nakano
  • Rindo

Check Pregnancy

  • First Time: He’s a diviner, right? Maybe he can do something to see how your pregnancy is faring?
  • After: What’s the state of your pregnancy?


Check up on your daughter.

  • Play With: Socialize and have fun with your fluffy firstborn.
  • Feed: Give your infant daughter some of your milk/essence.


Tetsuya will not have sex with the PC unless they are lovers. The first time you open his sex menu as lovers, you have a fertile womb, and Tetsuya doesn’t already have kits, he will warn you that he will try to sire kits on you. If you don’t want to be pregnant, use contraceptives.

  • Intimate: Enjoy the slow burn of your beloveds pampering before some missionary fun.
  • Vigorous: Have this fox-stud fuck you with everything he’s got.




Found within Tetsuya's Things Change 2nd scene; Origami Crane
(see scene requirements here)
Details currently unavailable as the page is still outdated


Found within Tetsuya's Things Change 3rd scene; Confession
(see scene requirements here)
Details currently unavailable as the page is still outdated