Scaredy Cat Gloves

From Corruption of Champions II
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Scaredy Cat Gloves
Author Balak Knightfang
Type Attire
Slot Hands
Base Price 500
Additional Information
Evasion 5
Sexiness 5
Additional Flags Light
Version Added 0.3.21


A pair of black leather gloves lined with soft white fur. When put on, they adhere closely to the skin and leave you with a slight tingling sensation right where the fur touches against your (arms).

Special Effect: Each time you flee combat, the cursed nature of the glove makes you more and more feline in appearance.

Special Effect

While equipped, if the Champion were to successfully flee in combat, it will result in transformative effect/s from Cat's Tongue Berry, Leothran Herb, or Manticore Nip (as if consumed Raw)