Shield of Brawn

From Corruption of Champions II
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Shield of Brawn
Creators Balak Knightfang
Other Name(s) BrawnShield
Item Type Shield
Slot Offhand
Weapon Class 1H (Heavy)
Price 500
Has Special Effect? Yes
Is Unique? No
Tags Metal
Stack Limit 1
Version Added 0.2.39
Armor 20 Armor Penetration -
Evasion - Ward 20
Damage & Resistances
Damage Type Resistances
- Physical 10


This bronze-bossed shield is ornately decorated with figures and carvings of muscled warriors in combat. A first attempt at picking it up reveals that it's heavier than you initially expected, but on your second try, it's perfectly weighted for you. After putting it on, you're able to get a closer look at the inside, wherein you notice a ring of inlaid electrum runes.

Special Effect: Any time your shield prevents a critical hit, you'll become more muscular and masculine.

Special Effect

When a critical hit is prevented by the shield, the following transformative effects may occur:

Condition Change
If Tone is < 100 Raise Tone by (3-5)(until 100)
If Thickness is < 80 Raise Thickness by (3-5)(until 80)
If Femininity is > 0 Reduce Femininity by (2-4)(until 0)


Used By

Currently not used by any character.