Choker of the Pain Slut

From Corruption of Champions II
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Choker of the Pain Slut
Author Balak Knightfang
Type Attire
Slot Neck
Base Price 500
Additional Information
Sexiness 3
Temptation 4
Version Added 0.2.39


This black lace choker fits snugly around the wearer's neck. A closer inspection reveals thin runes (Silly Mode: saying, "Choke me, Daddy!") have been sewn into the inside of the it, betraying the enchanted nature of this neckpiece.

Special Effect: Whenever an enemy lands a physical damage critical hit on you, you instead take resolve damage equal to 30% of what the bonus damage from the crit would be and gain a permanent libido increase.

Special Effect

Upon taking a physical critical hit, 30% of the additional bonus critical damage will be taken by the Champion's resolve instead. Additionally, upon taking said converted resolve damage, the following effects may occur:

Condition Change
If Libido is < 100 Raise Libido by 3 or until 100