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This page details the internal workings of the CoC 2 engine

Basic Details

Unlike Corruption of Champions, which was written in Action Script 3.0, Corruption of Champions 2 is written in Javascript, allowing for easier cross-platform support. The engine itself pulls heavily from the original Corruption of Champions, with data structures remaining almost identical. The functionality has been rewritten for Javascript.

Data Structures

Property Type Description Notes
name string Character name
cName string? Unknown
soloCombatPrefix string Used in combat somewhere, presumably prefixing some element of combat text
reagents Object<number, number> Reagents (ingredients) currently held by the character
Reagent Numberings
Key Reagent Name
1 Mandrake Root
2 Yew Branch
3 Soft Mud
4 Laurel Sprig
5 Tall Reed
6 Turgid Mushroom
7 Sweet Cream
8 Chestnut
9 Wild Melon
10 Juicy Peach
11 Lush Orchid
12 Musky Sap
13 Motherwort


Below are important variables.

Player Party (window.PlayerParty)

Javascript Variable Name Type Description Notes
PlayerParty.members Array Array of characters in the players party. Player Character is stored at index 0

Player Variables (window.PlayerParty.members[0])