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Hi! Thanks for correcting the info I put on the pregnancy page. I'm going from the patch notes so I have no doubt I get things wrong all the time.

I did have no question that I hope you don't mind if I ask: in the patch notes it mentions a Stud at the Temple of Mallach that an impregnate the champion but doesn't mention his name. (Right now I just have him under "Temple of Mallach's Stud".) If you give me the info I can change it myself or, if you have the time and inclination to do it yourself, that'd be great.

If I could get the extra info I'm missing I'd be more than happy to add that stuff in too. From what I understand there's no easy way to do this but I figure it's worth mentioning that I'd be willing to do the leg work.

Either way, thank you for correcting my mistakes (and making the wiki better).