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Players in Corruption of Champions can collect and use various '''items''' which could have either a good or bad effect on their character. Items can be equipped to give a character an advantage, magically enhanced by either the player or certain [[NPCs and Monsters|NPC]]s, combined together to creating a new item, or consumed to alter a character's stats and physical appearance. However, caution and a certain amount of moderation should be taken by the player when giving their character certain food items and potions. Sometimes, their effects are good or otherwise neutral. Other times, however...
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A character will start out with 3 inventory slots, which can be increased as the character levels up. The number of inventory slots are increased when the player chooses the "Strong Back" and "Strong Back 2: Strong Harder" [[perks]].
Each individual item requires its own inventory slot, in which a stack of up to 5 of the same item can be made. More than 5 of an item can still be carried, but an extra inventory slot will be required to hold it. (Example: If a character has a stack of 5 Canine Peppers in its inventory and you are given another by [[Whitney]], the sixth Canine Pepper must be placed in another available slot.) When there are no inventory spaces available for an obtained item to be placed, the player is given 3 options:
# Drop the item
# Use the item now, or
# Replace the contents of a filled inventory slot with it and discard the slot's former contents.
Certain items, when equipped, are taken out of the character's inventory slot and listed on the inventory screen; weapons/armor, clothing, certain books, and sex toys are among the list of equip-able items. Key Items will not take up any inventory space and are immediately listed on the inventory screen.
A Chest can be found by the player, which allows the storage of 6 extra Item stacks at the Hero's [[Campsite|camp site]]. This chest can be located in the [[Desert]] area.
Some items may be exchangeable for gems at the [[Pawnshop]] in [[Tel'Adre]] or at the [[Bizarre Bazaar|Bizarre Bazaar's]] junk seller which will help the champion in managing the character's items and earn it money.
This is a list of items which can currently be picked up by the player from around [[Mareth]]. They are categorized into different sections: ''Consumable Items'', ''Weapons, Armor & Clothing'', ''Magical Books, Camp Upgrades'', and ''Key Items''. This list is subject to change as the game is updated.
Equipped Weapons and Armor, Books purchased from [[Giacomo]], and Sex Toys are "[[Key Items]]" and will not use an inventory slot, they will instead be listed on the inventory screen.
=Consumable Items=
''"You don't have to put everything you find in your mouth, you know."''
* [[Bimbo Liqueur]]
** [[Bimbo Champagne]]
* [[Black Cat Beer]]
* [[Bro Brew]]
* [[Coal]]
* [[Eggs]]
* [[Fish Fillet]]
* [[God's Mead]]
* [[GroPlus]]
* [[Hair Dyes]]
* [[Hair Extension Serum]]
* [[Kitsune's Gift]]
* [[Lactaid]]
* [[Lust Draft]]
** [[Lust_Draft#Fuck_Draft|Fuck Draft]]
* [[Lust Stick]]
* [[Marble's Milk]]
* [[Minotaur Cum]]
* [[Numb Rocks]]
* [[Oviposition Elixir]]
* [[Pure Peach]]
* [[Purple Fruit]]
* [[Reducto]]
* [[Sensitivity Draft]]
* [[Sheep Milk]]
* [[Succubi's Delight]]
** [[Succubi's_Delight#Succubus'_Dream|Succubus' Dream]]
* [[Tattered Scroll]]
==Crafting Materials==
''"Let me show you the different lengths of string I used,"''
* [[Black Chitin]] (Collect to make [[Chitin Armor]].)
* [[Green Gel]] (Collect to make [[Gel Armor]].)
* [[Tough Silk]] (Collect to make [[Spider-silk Armor|Spider Armor]].)
==Rare Items==
''Not to be used lightly.''
* [[Hummus]]
* [[Pure Pearl]]
* [[Golden Statue]]
==Transformation Items==
''There are various methods of transformation that mostly include consuming various items.''
* [[Bee Honey]]
** [[Bee_Honey#Pure_Honey|Pure Honey]]
* [[Canine Pepper]]
** [[Canine_Pepper#Bulbous|Bulbous Canine Pepper]]
** [[Canine_Pepper#Double|Double Canine Pepper]]
** [[Canine_Pepper#Knotty|Knotty Canine Pepper]]
** [[Canine_Pepper#Large|Overly Large Canine Pepper]]
** [[Canine_Pepper#Black|Solid Black Canine Pepper]]
* [[Ectoplasm]]
* [[Equinum]]
* [[Fox Berry]]
** [[Fox_Berry#Vixen's_Vigor|Vixen's Vigor]]
* [[Fox Jewel]]
** [[Fox_Jewel#Mystic_Jewel|Mystic Jewel]]
* [[Goblin Ale]]
* [[Golden Seed]]
** [[Golden_Seed#Magic_Seed|Magic Seed]]
* [[Hummus]]
* [[Imp Food]]
* [[Incubi Draft]]
* [[Kanga Fruit]]
** [[Kanga_Fruit#Mighty_Veggie|Mighty Veggie]]
* [[LaBova]]
** [[LaBova#ProBova|ProBova]]
* [[Minotaur Blood]]
* [[Mouse Cocoa]]
* [[Neon Pink Egg]]
* [[Reptilum]]
* [[Ringtail Figs]]
* [[Shark Tooth]]
** [[Shark_Tooth#Tiger|Tiger Shark Tooth]]
* [[Shriveled Tentacle]]
* [[Snake Oil]]
* [[Succubi Milk]]
* [[Sweet Gossamer]]
** [[Sweet_Gossamer|Black Gossamer]]
* [[Trap Oil]]
* [[Wet Cloth]]
* [[Whisker Fruit]]
==Items enhanced by [[Lumi]]==
''-The DM notes that the current door event is a placeholder. As the event for finding the door suggests, her lab is actually inside the Fetish Cathedral, and you'll only be able to get to her through the cathedral once it has been added.''
* [[Lust_Draft#Fuck_Draft|Fuck Draft]]: an enhanced version of the [[Lust Draft]].
* [[Golden_Seed#Magic_Seed|Magic Seed]]: an enhanced version of [[Golden Seed]].
* [[Kanga_Fruit#Mighty_Veggie|Mighty Veggie]]: an enhanced version of [[Kanga Fruit]].
* [[Fox_Jewel#Mystic_Jewel|Mystic Jewel]]: an enhanced version of [[Fox Jewel]].
* [[LaBova#ProBova|ProBova]]: an enhanced version of [[LaBova]].
* [[Succubi's_Delight#Succubus'_Dream|Succubus' Dream]]: an enhanced version of [[Succubi's Delight]].
* [[Fox_Berry#Vixen's_Vigor|Vixen's Vigor]]: an enhanced version of [[Fox Berry]].
==Items purified [[Rathazul]]==
''"Good news everybody."''
* '''Purified Draft''': a purified version of the [[Incubi Draft]]
* '''Purified LaBova:''' a purified version of [[LaBova]]
* '''Purified Minotaur Cum:''' a purified version of [[Minotaur Cum]]
* '''Purified Succubi Milk''': a purified version of [[Succubi Milk]]
* '''Purified Succubi's Delight''': a purified version of [[Succubi's Delight]]
==Items sold by [[Giacomo]]==
''"I'm-a practically cutting my own throat here!"''
* [[Cerulean Potion]]
* [[Scholar's Tea]]
* [[Vitality Tincture]]
* [[Dangerous Plants]] - when the character would encounter the [[tentacle beast]] in the forest, there is a chance that they will detect the beast first and have the option to avoid the encounter. This chance is dependant on the character's intelligence.
* [[Hentai Comic]] - provides an alternative scene in the [[Demon Factory|factory]].
* [[Traveler's Guide]] - together with the plant guide may allow the champion to skip certain encounters.
* '''Yoga Guide''' - unlocks scenes with [[Cotton]] for Naga or centaur characters.
===Sex Toys===
====For Males & Herms====
* [[All-Natural Onahole]]
* [[Deluxe Onahole]]
* [[Plain Onahole]]
====For Females & Herms====
* [[All-Natural Self-Stimulation Belt]]
* [[Self-Stimulation Belt]]
====For Herms Only====
* [[Dual Belt]]
''Most weapons must be Equipped out of Inventory to be of any use. Only one weapon at a time may be listed as Equipped.''
* [[Beautiful Sword]]: - An enchanted sword embedded in a tree that is found as a random encounter in the [[Lake]].
* [[Dragon-Shell Shield]] - A durable shield made from [[Ember]]'s eggshell. Absorbs fluids.
* [[Eldritch Staff]] - It is gained from the harpy Queen from the [[Tower of the Phoenix]] quest.
* [[Hooked Gauntlets]] - Can be gained as a prize after defeating [[Izma]] the tiger shark girl five or more times.
* [[Inscribed Spellblade]] - Gifted by [[Dominika]] for services rendered.
* [[Jeweled Rapier]]: - An ornate rapier that can pierce armor, found within [[Zetaz|Zetaz's]] [[Deep Cave]].
* [[Large Axe]]: - A huge battle axe that can be retrieved from certain [[Minotaurs]] if the character is at least 6' 6" feet tall.
* [[Large Hammer]]: - Two-handed war hammer you can obtain from [[Marble]] if you chose to rape her with 80+ Strength and beat her.
* [[Lust Dagger]]: - A dagger said to induce lust in its victims that may be dropped by a defeated [[Fetish Zealot]].
* [[Pipe]]: - A lead pipe can be found on the [[Green Slime|gels]] at the [[Lake]]. It doesn't do too much extra damage, though.
* [[Riding Crop]]: - A hand-held implement something like a whip, it can be retrieved from a defeated [[Fetish Cultist]].
* [[Succubi Whip]]: - An enchanted whip that can also influence Corruption and Lust.
* [[Raphael|Vulpine Rapier]]: - An ornate rapier gifted to a female champion by the [[Raphael|Russet Rogue]]
* [[Wizard's Staff]]: - A wooden staff salvaged from a [[Burning Library|burning library]] in the [[Desert]].
''Several different weapons sold by the [[Weaponsmith's Stand|Weaponsmith]] in [[Tel'Adre]].''
* [[Weaponsmith's Stand|Coiled Whip]]
* [[Weaponsmith's Stand|Huge Warhammer]]
* [[Weaponsmith's Stand|Katana]]
* [[Weaponsmith's Stand|Large Claymore]]
* [[Weaponsmith's Stand|Spear]]
* [[Weaponsmith's Stand|Spiked Gauntlets]]
* [[Wingstick]]
* [[Wizard's Staff]]
=Armors & Clothing=
''All worn items must be Equipped out of Inventory to be of any use. Only one worn item at a time may be listed as Equipped.''
* [[Bimbo Skirt]]: - <span style="line-height: 1.5;">A tight, cleavage-inducing halter top and an extremely short miniskirt. Obtained from an event with bimbo [[Rubi]].</span>
* [[Bondage Straps]]: - A set of leather straps and hooks that just barely qualify as clothing, similar to that worn by [[Goblin (CoC)|Goblins]]. Found in the [[Deep Cave]].
* [[Chitin Armor]]: - Armor made from [[Black Chitin|chitin pieces]] crafted by [[Rathazul]] the alchemist.
* [[Comfortable Clothes (CoC)|Comfortable Clothes]]: - Defenseless clothing that you start out with in the beginning of the game or find as loot from the [[Fetish Zealot]].
* [[Gel Armor]]: - A durable set of armor crafted by [[Rathazul]] the alchemist from the leftover bits of the nearby resident [[Green Slime]]s.
* [[Inquisitor's Corset]] - A set of armor fit for those decided to fight corruption with corruption, obtained from [[Last Inquisitor's Chamber|Last Inquisitor's Chamber.]]
* [[Inquisitor's Robes]] - A set of armor made for those decided to fight corruption with fire, obtained from [[Last Inquisitor's Chamber|Last Inquisitor's Chamber.]]
* [[Leather Armor|Leather Armor Segments]]: - May be received from [[Marble]] the cowgirl, once she's joined the hero's camp as a Follower.
* [[Nurse's Outfit]]: - A slutty nurse's uniform that grants the Seduce attack, found by defeating the Imp Horde.
* [[Red Bodysuit]]: - A red bodysuit made of thin transparent material given by [[Raphael]].
* [[Slutty Swimwear]]: - Swimwear obtained from [[Shark-Girl]].
* [[Spider-silk Armor]]: - Armour made from [[Tough Silk]] crafted by [[Rathazul]] the alchemist.
* [[Spider-silk Robes]]: - Robe made from [[Tough Silk]] crafted by [[Rathazul]] the alchemist.
* [[Wizard's Robes]]: - Clothing that influences Fatigue, retrieved from [[Harpy|Harpies]].
* [[Valeria|Goo Armor]]: - This is a unique armor found from [[Tower of the Phoenix]] it is the strongest armor in terms of defense in patch 0.9.2. It also acts as an interactable follower in your camp when you take it off.
''Several different armors sold by the [[Blacksmith's Stand|Blacksmith]] in [[Tel'Adre]].''
* [[Blacksmith's Stand|Leather]] Robe
* [[Blacksmith's Stand|Chain mail Bikini]]
* [[Blacksmith's Stand|Full-body chain mail]]
* [[Blacksmith's Stand|Full plate mail]]
* [[Blacksmith's Stand|Indecent Steel Armour]]
* [[Blacksmith's Stand|Scale-mail armor]]
''Several different outfits sold by the [[Tailor]] in [[Tel'Adre]].''
* [[Tailor|Ballroom Dress]]
* [[Tailor|Classy suitclothes]]
* [[Tailor|Green adventurer's clothes]]
* [[Tailor|Modest robes]]
* [[Tailor|Rubber Fetish Clothes]]
* [[Tailor|Semi-transparent bodysuit]]
* [[Tailor|Silk shirt and leather pants]]
* [[Tailor|Tube top and short shorts]]
* [[Tailor|White Shirt and Overalls]]
===Greta's Garments===
''Several different wearable items sold by [[Greta's Garments]] in [[Bizarre Bazaar]]''
* [[Lusty Maiden's Armor]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Wool Cock-Sock]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Alabaster Cock-Sock]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Cockring Cock-Sock]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Viridian Cock-Sock]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Scarlet Cock-Sock]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Cobalt Cock-Sock]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Gilded Cock-Sock]]
* [[Cock-Sock|Purple Cock-Sock]]
=Magical Books=
''Alternative to book gathering continues to be [[Dominika]]''
* [[Black Book]]: Teaches the lusty black [[magic]] and increases Intelligence.
* [[White Book]]: Teaches the pure white [[magic]] and increases Intelligence.
=Camp Upgrades=
''"The portal shimmers in the background as it always does, looking menacing and reminding you of why you came."''
* '''Armor Rack'''[[Town Ruins|can be found]] to store 9 armor items at camp.
* '''Chest''' [[Desert|can be found]] which allow storage of 6 extra Item stacks at the hero's camp.
* '''Thorn Canopy''' [[Rathazul|can be grown]] to protect the residents of the camp from nightly raids.
* '''Weapon Rack''' [[Town Ruins|can be found]] to store 9 weapon items at camp.
=Key Items=
''All key items are worn outside of inventory system and as such can't be dropped - only used at the appropriate time''
The [[Key Items|Key Items List]] have been moved to a [[Key Items|separate page]].

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