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"Oh, but where are my manners? I am Lieutenant Corishev, and I oversee discipline amongst the royal guard; there are so many bad boys and girls who need the naughtiness beaten out of them these days, so I’ve had to work double-time."


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Corishev Human Male Lieutenant Unknown Unknown Unknown


Bull Tower


Following his gaze, you turn to see a thin, lanky man standing at the far end of the room, applying the contents of a vial onto the cruel barbs of the whip he’s brandishing, no doubt the same weapon that’s been used on Alaric.

“Hello, my lovelies,” he says in a little sing-song voice, turning to face you, his eyes bloodshot, a cheeky grin plastered onto his face. You note that the same green slime that was on Alaric and the whip is also plastered all over his exposed lower half, beads of pre dripping from his veined, throbbing dick. An aphrodisiac? The slime has seeped into the top of the royal guard uniform he has on, so you have little doubt that whatever the effects of this stuff, he’s gotten a strong dose of it, and his unfocused gaze only serves to confirm your suspicions. “Come to share in my private stash of Gol venom? Preston told me to expect trouble on the road tonight, but I wasn’t expecting furbag scum to come straight to my doorstep, not to mention a beast-lover, too! Never mind, though, I’ve enough venom for everyone, even if it did cost me a pretty penny! Seems like I’ll have to whip the guards for letting you in here, though. They’re all very naughty boys, like our friend here.” He cracks the whip in Alaric’s direction.


  • 1x G.Whip.
  • 1x Lust darts.
  • 1x S.Cuffs.

The party gains 300 experience and 1000 coins.


  • Whip
  • Ride him
  • Fuck him