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“Well met, PC. I am Cveta Antonova.”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Cveta Antonova Bird of Paradise Avanai Female Songstress, Noblewoman Mikhail Antonov (Father), Jasna Antonova (Mother) Talras The Observer


The moment you step into the canvas confines, you're greeted with the juxtaposition of the elegance of the figure that sits before you, and the simplicity of the furnishings that surround her. There's but a simple wooden cot, a stool and a crude iron-bound trunk within, but the elegant, avian figure poised on the stool is their exact opposite, a lyre in her hands as she studies you with the single large, pale green eye that isn't obscured by the waterfall of her flowing, crimson hair.

As small as she is thin and waifish - perhaps about five feet, give or take an inch - the long, flowing gown that hangs upon her frame looks more in place in Rigard's castle district than out here in the wilds. Both it and the vermilion feathers that cover her body are slightly ruffled and stained, further drawing attention to the fact that they're painfully out of place in this camp of outlaws.

It's clear why Maria has chosen to give this girl the moniker of “princess”.



  • To unlock Cveta, you must have finished humiliating Lord Krawitz and have at least 15 reputation with the Outlaws. Once this occurs, Maria will approach you and ask you to deal with her.

  • Cveta, an Avanai, is about eighteen or nineteen years of age, and the sole heir to her father's small barony in Talras. With her father's permission, she left home after a rather spectacular argument with her mother over the future of the Antonov family line. She's ostensibly with the Outlaws as an entertainer and sympathiser; Zenith hopes to use her to bargain for foreign aid from Talras against Rigard. It's there that the player finds her.

  • Cveta is a very prim and proper young lady - she speaks crisply and never uses contractions in her speech, giving her a formal edge to her words. She also places great emphasis on her appearance, and is almost always seen wearing her elbow-length gloves. The young noblewoman believes in her duty to her subjects, an attitude which was instilled in her by her father, whom she greatly respects, to the point of unconsciously harbouring an Electra Complex for him. It's of note that insulting her father will lead to a large relationship drop if the player does tread into that territory.

  • She's also a virtuoso, being able to play most common musical instruments with proficiency save for wind and brass (because of her beak). Her main musical talent, though, lies in her ability to influence the thoughts and emotions of others with her Voice to a disturbing degree, not unlike a suggestion spell. This odd ability seems to run in her family; her father is possessed of it, too, as have a number of her ancestors.


Cveta performs for the camp twice a day, once at dawn and another at dusk. Initially, this is the only way for you to interact with her past her introduction; after attending enough of her performances, she'll give you a mini-quest to get her a violin from inside Rigard. Once this is accomplished, she'll let you visit her in her tent.

Attending her performances are planned to give the player temporary buffs.

Later on, she will be willing to give the player private performances in her tent, although those have no buffs associated with them.


Cveta is planned to be able to teach the Singer and Bard jobs to characters who meet the requirements. However, the jobs have not been coded yet.

Bull Tower

  • To get the Bull Tower quest to trigger, you must have at least some modicum of reputation with the Outlaws and relationship with Cveta.
  • Cveta is your companion for this dungeon.
  • For more information, see the quest's page proper.


Cveta is planned to be a non-healing support character, and her starting unique job, Songstress, is centred about lust management and status effects. Because of her thin and waifish build, she has absolutely terrible strength and stamina, but has sky-high charisma and intelligence to make up for it. For the same reason, she is also barred from using physical jobs.

In Act 1, she is only usable during the Bull Tower quest, but her equipment and jobs cannot be changed while in the dungeon.

It is planned for her tier 2 unique jobs, Diva and Coloratura, to be unlocked by questing in the air plane in Act 2.


Once Bull Tower has been finished, it's possible for the player to take Cveta out for dates to either a forest spring or the dryad's glade, assuming that these locations have been discovered. A date in Rigard has been written, but needs further supporting content from the outlaws before it can be made live. These scenes have various random components and content, and can be played through multiple times to see them all.


Cveta has no sex scenes at the moment. It's possible to do some light petting at the moment once Bull Tower has been cleared, but getting too close to her will cause her to freak out. Sex proper will come with the addition of Act 2 to the game and her recruitment.

Cveta is extremely submissive when it comes to sex, and has a terminal case of baby rabies along with the accompanying pregnancy fetish. Since she would never fuck her father, her Electra Complex causes her to seek out the nearest substitute authority figure - namely, the PC - and make cute, fluffy chicks with him.


Cveta relaxing, by Alder
Gardening troubles, by Alder