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Nomads’ camp from 17-22 pm from 14th October to 14th November. Alternatively, it can be accessed any time when debug mode is on.

Have some pumpkin pie .

The Halloween "dungeon" is self-contained, and can only be left either through a bad end or following the ravens out of the dream. It resets each time you leave, so you can try different things to your heart's content. While in the dungeon, the PC's inventory is temporarily erased, and the PC will be provided with some appropriately spooky attire to wear. Transformations acquired while in the Halloween event will not carry over to the waking world.

The characters contained therein are either corruptions or inversions of their waking world counterparts.

Map of the Halloween dungeon


The Elder

The Elder is a corruption of the Chief of the Nomads, and will introduce the PC to the basics of the Halloween world, as well as giving the PC a lantern and "stake". His purpose as a tutorial character aside, the Elder serves little purpose in the dungeon.

Jenna the Witch

Jenna the Witch may be found in the witch's hut. Being an expy of Jeanne, she is generally helpful, and will offer the player some tea while she works things out. The player may then drink his or her own tea, or may choose to distrust the witch and swap their cups. The former option will result in Jenna offering to collect the player's sexual fluids for use in a spell; the latter option results in her taking them forcibly.

Either way, if the PC has their sexual fluids drained, Jenna will reward the PC with the password required to get the Trader's grab bag of goodies. If the PC has already claimed the grab bag, no further reward will be given.

Jenna will only speak in rhyme while "in-character"; this behaviour is directly influenced by the Three Witches from MacBeth.


Patches is present in the Halloween world as herself, a guest in the witch's hut. Oddly enough, she's completely unchanged from her real-world counterpart, or at least in appearance...

She is completely and absolutely still and silent unless the player gives her the password, which is provided by Jenna above; if obtained in this fashion, it will be automatically input when Patches asks for the password. Players who don't wish to be broomstick-fucked again and again between dungeon runs may choose to give her the password directly: "Klaatu Barada Nikto".

Once the correct password is given, Patches will give the player a bunch of loot. This includes:

  • Holy Water (Used on Laggoth or Harthon) One use item
  • Stale Bread (Fluff)
  • Sunglasses (Used on Zombie Elves)
  • Squeaky Bone (Used on Ronnie)
  • Garlic (Used on Harthon)
  • Monsterslaying Guide (Fluff)


Ronnie the farmhand (secretly werewolf) may be found on the Beaten Path; there is a chance of running into his initial encounter whenever the PC enters the room from any direction. Being an inversion of Roa, he's largely heterosexual in the Halloween world, and under his shy demeanor lurks a ferocious werewolf.

When the player first encounters him, he's looking for a lost sheep in the haunted woods. The player may choose to help or refuse him; the former option will result Ronnie transforming into a werewolf and attacking the player. If the player has the squeaky bone, they may choose to use it; else he or she will be attacked by Ronnie and transformed into a werewolf themselves.

Using the squeaky bone or refusing to help Ronnie will remove him from that run of the Halloween dungeon.

Being transformed into a werewolf has the following effects:

  • Destroy existing equipment and replace with werewolf hide and claws.
  • If feminine:
    • Grow cock and balls if none; grow balls to apple-sized.
    • Grow pussy if none.
    • Grow breasts to D-size.
  • If masculine:
    • Grow cock and balls if none; grow balls to apple-sized.
    • If pussy, remove pussy.
    • If breasts, remove breasts.

After the PC is transformed into a werewolf, Ronnie will attempt to anally rape the player, at which the PC can submit or not.

Once the initial encounter is over, Ronnie may be re-encountered any time from the Beaten Path, during which the PC may catch anal from Ronnie as a beta wolf, or choose to overthrow Ronnie as pack leader and pitch anal instead.

Zombie Elves

The horde of Zombie Elves may be encountered in the graveyard as a recurring obstacle with about a 33% chance of encountering them every entry. While they can be easily outrun, allowing the player to bypass them, permanently removing them from the run requires use of the shades obtained from Patches' grab bag.

Any other attempt to stop them or use another item will result in the PC being gang-raped by the zombies, resulting in a bad end.

Demon King Laggoth

Demon King Laggoth may be encountered in the back of the burnt-out chapel. In contrast to his real-world counterpart, Laggoth is an horribly incompetent dark lord, relying on bluster to keep his horde of imp bunnies in check. In fact, the bunnies aren't even quite sure why they follow him...

Nevertheless, despite his incompetency, he tries really hard, and plans to conquer the whole of the Halloween dream world. This naturally, has not met with much success.

The player may choose to be friendly to him and talk him out of his goals, or simply suck him off.

Alternatively, the player may choose to be more antagonistic and use an item on him; shoving the "stake" up his ass will expose his only weakness, while using the holy water on him will turn him into a female. However, if the player chooses to use the holy water on Laggoth, they will not be able to use the water on Harthon later.

Lenka, Mother of Shadows

Lenka may be encountered in the sacristy of the burnt chapel. She's everything you knew about Cveta inverted to create an evil twin. She wants nothing more then to breed her brood and have the PC as her personal cum-pump. Submitting to her results in a bad end and resisting has you turning the tables on her.

Lord/Lady Harthon

Lord Harthon, also known as Vampire Terry, may be encountered in the mausoleum by disturbing the coffin within. This will summon Harthon from his coffin. The player may run, which has a chance to fail and hence a bad end, attack, which will result in a bad end, or use the garlic, which will subdue him. If the player successfully runs from Harthon, he cannot be encountered again.

After subduing Harthon with the garlic, the player may choose to leave, change him into Lady Harthon with the holy water, or fuck him with or without the "stake". The subdued Lord or Lady may then be encountered from the crossroads by summoning him or her when necessary.

At the crossroads, more sex options are available, plus the option to use the holy water if this was not done before. Using the holy water at the crossroads will result in a longer, far more detailed TF scene than in the mausoleum. Lady Harthon can also be impregnated; her pregnancy advances by one stage each time she is summoned at the crossroads, and will eventually give birth to a daughter.

Harthon's bad end involves him brainwashing the player into his helpless love-slave, after which he will transform them into a female fox-morph and make them his bride.


Nadir-Ma, a.k.a Mummy Miranda/Belinda, is just beside Harthon in the mausoleum and may be encountered by opening her urn. In order to avoid a bad end, the PC needs to play sub to the dommy dobie Pharaoh, who will then bless the player and enhance their assets.

Insisting on refusing Nadir-Ma will result in a bad end, in which she will sprout her penis and roughly fuck them several times, before physically absorbing them into her body. The results are different depending on whether or not the PC has the "werewolf" trait; a normal PC will result in a "sluttified" Nadir-Ma, with a massive increase in curviness and general softness, whilst a werewolf PC will result in an "amazonized" Nadir-Ma, with increased height and muscle, more wolfish traits, and a significantly bigger cock. Trapped inside Nadir-Ma's body, the player can only watch through their eyes, then is drawn away into a pocket of the Pharoah's shared consciousness to be fucked by her "Miranda soul", whilst the Belinda soul takes over the body and leaves to explore the outside world.


Like with many of the PC's other dreams, the ravens are ever present, and will lead the PC to the waking world if followed.