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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Isla Sable-morph Female Guardian of the Spring Unknown Unknown Unknown


Isla is a sable-morph - related to the more common ferret-morphs, and as you continue to look over her, you have to admit she could be mistaken for one at a distance. Save for two patches of brown about her eyes and cheeks, her form is clothed in a glossy, luxuriant coat of blue-black fur that just begs to stroked and petted - assuming she’s in the mood for such, of course. A short, rounded muzzle juts out the front of her face, capped with an absolutely adorable black button of a nose, and black, beady eyes and a pair of triangular, round-tipped ears complete her visage. The latter are constantly on the alert for sounds, swiveling this way and that - it doesn’t seem to be a conscious thing on Isla’s part, though.

The only true clothing on her consists of a short skirt of tough fabric, designed to allow for some amount of modesty while allowing for a free range of movement - a huntress’ garb, and a crude string belt to hold it all in place. No, what actually clothes her is the body paint that’s been smeared on much of her fur in intricate patterns that resemble knotwork, equal parts vibrant hues of red and blue. This is accentuated by the string of the same color she’s tied into her fur and the plaited braid of dark black hair that runs down to the small of her back.

She’s not that tall - perhaps five foot three, give or take an inch - but judging from the way she moves, there’s certainly a lot of energy in that short frame of hers. Slender and lithe, her form moves with the sure-footed grace that comes with a mustelid’s natural flexibility, tempered by years upon years of navigating treacherous highland trails. Her natural thinness, flat ass and narrow hips - for a girl, at least - make her furry arms and legs look a little too long for her body, resulting in a somewhat gangly look to her; while her chest fur is pretty fluffy, you’re also quite sure that she’s either flat-chested, or almost so.

The movements of Isla’s wiry muscles under her skin are clear when she leaps and jumps, and you faintly wonder if that same athleticism and flexibility could be put to better use elsewhere.

Her overall figure dealt with, you sweep your eyes down to her belly. Isla’s tummy is flat and trim, the result of the active lifestyle her vocation as the spring’s guardian demands of her. Not that she has abs, but there’s a certain muscularity to her midsection that’s hidden away underneath her skin, and a good amount of ticklishness too - you catch her stifling a giggle or two as your fingertips run through her fur. No extra fat on this sable, that’s for sure.

Finished with surveying the generalities, you shift your attention to the details. Although graced with long, flexible fingers, Isla’s hands look more like an animal’s than a human’s, her palms possessed to paw-pads of sorts, each digit capped with a small, hooked claw instead of nails. Her toes aren’t too different, too, and you can see how such would be an advantage in the rough, uneven terrain of the highlands, considering she goes about barefoot with no problems at all. Of course, that long fluffy tail of hers has a practical use in helping her keep balance, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to pet and stroke it.



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