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The first is a bulky, heavily muscled creature of scales and claws. His body is covered in thick, armored, yellow-green scales, and a long and powerful tail stretches out behind him. Heavyset horns jut out from the back of his head, with the hint of small spikes protruding from either side of his angular muzzle. He holds a nasty-looking spear, and two large feet spread his weight evenly on the sand.

Completely nude, you can't see any sign of gender between his legs, everything likely hidden within a reptilian slit. The only reason you can even tell his gender is his companion, looking like a more slender, fairer counterpart with two, large breasts held pert by a woven bra of some material you can't make out, the space between her legs similarly clad. Black hair cascades in silken tresses around her shoulders, and her eyes are painted in an exotic fashion. She holds a slightly smaller spear, which looks more designed for cutting.



Lizard fem.png Lizard male.png




PC Win

  • Anal (Female/Male)
  • Blowjob (Female/Male)
  • Fuck (Female)
  • Powerbottom (Male)
    • Ass
    • Cunt
  • Tailpeg (Female)

PC Loss