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“My name is Maria. Follow me, and I'll let Zenith decide what to do with you.”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Maria Human Female Archer Unknown Unknown Unknown


The woman's ebony skin seems to glow slightly under the dappled light. The white shirt she wears contrasts beautifully with her dark skin, and the belts holding the billowing material close to her body accentuate the curve of her bust. Stealthily eyeing her breasts, you assume them to be E-cup, and the low cut of her shirt shows a generous handful of cleavage.

A cough raises your attention to the mysterious archer's face. Full, dark lips curve into a smile underneath her straight, sharp nose. Two ice-blue eyes stare back at you. Their light color almost startling you at first. A lock of black hair falls into her eyes, and she tosses her head to move it out of the way.



Off in the distance, the massive tree at the center of Eden overlooks the entire verdant area, casting long shadows and slightly eclipsing the sun. This far into the forest, the trees grow close together, and even the smallest is far too tall for you to climb. All around, the sounds of the forest pound against your ears. Up in the high branches, birds twitter at each other. Wind whistles through the limbs, brushing them against each other in a comforting melody. Dozens of unseen insects send mating songs through the air.

The pleasant buzz distracts you from the soreness settling in your limbs. After a few more minutes of walking, you decide to take a break, and sit down at the base of a tree. The rough bark rubs against you through your leather chest. Before long, you fall into a doze.

The sound of creaking wood wakes you from your slumber. Cracking open an eye, the sight of an arrow greets you. Your eyes snap open, and you focus on the glinting tip of the arrowhead. Sliding up the shaft, then lingering on the gray-striped feathers, you look up toward the woman holding the bow. Her hands and arms are absolutely still, even under the massive tension of holding a nocked arrow.

“Throw your weapons to the side.” With an arrow less than an inch from your eye, it seems safer to comply than resist. Tossing your fine rapier to the side, you stand and hold your hands up in a gesture of surrender.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see other bandits, much like the one holding you hostage, holding your companions at weapon-point. They've each been neatly disarmed, just as you have. Whoever these people are, they are well trained, and well prepared for anyone that crosses through their borders.

For a while, she walks around you, checking over your body for anything you might have hidden. Her gaze seems to hover on your ass a bit longer than needed, and you give it a slight wriggle. Satisfied that you can no longer defend yourself, the stranger steps away and lowers her bow. Grabbing your weapon, she hefts it over one shoulder.

Glaring at you suspiciously, she challenges you: “What are you doing here?” Her voice reminds you of honey and cream; soft and luxurious.

After you explain that you are simply exploring the forest, she glances at you sideways. For a while, she simply watches you, clearly debating what course of action to take. She turns the options over in her head for a few minutes before she seems to reach a decision. “My name is Maria. Follow me, and I'll let Zenith decide what to do with you.”


  • Follow Her
  • Fight

Note: If you her seduced her during the fight and have a high amount of lust you can have sex with her.

  • Trick Her



  • Chat
  • Family
  • Forest
  • Outlaw
  • Zenith


Mini Quests

  • Dead-Drops