Moth Girl

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A curvy woman flutters before you, human at first glance save the delicate pink wings beating behind her. Her limbs and the collar of her neck are covered in a downy white fuzz, however, as thick as wool by the looks of it. Beyond the whiteness, though, she's half bare: a pair of leather breeches cling tightly to her long legs, armored with hardened leather half-greaves, and crossing chains of gold coins and gemstones hang from her belt, dangling between her legs.Conversely, her large breasts and belly are uncovered, with F-cup tits proudly on display. They sway hypnotically as she hovers, occasionally giving a glimpse of a glittering pink amulet tucked between her hefty mounds, held aloft by a slim silver chain. Her fiery red eyes lock with yours, and with all your willpower you drag your gaze from the buxom body on display to the imposing two-handed sword she's leveled at you.



Moth girl.png



As you make your way through the overgrown forest, you start to hear a faint… buzzing? You look around for the source of the strange noise, clutching your short sword tight as the alien sound grows louder and louder, coming from seemingly all around you. You back up, still scanning your surroundings for a threat. Suddenly, the world is spinning. You give a helpless cry as you tumble to the ground, foot caught on a thick root. With a grunt, you flop onto your backside, staring wide-eyed into the treetops.

And there it is!

“Wh-what do you-” you start to say, but are cut off as the moth-like girl flicks her sword dangerously.

“Don't make this hard, handsome,” she says, indicating the coin pouch hanging on your belt. “Stand and deliver! You're going to hand them over whether you want to or not.”

Are… are you seriously getting mugged? For fuck's sake! Well, what are you going to do: give her some coin, fight her, or try and bargain for a… different kind of payment?

  • Fight
  • Give money
  • Trade sex


  • Titfuck
  • Anal


  • Get oral