Mother Raven

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“The reason you could come here was not the raven. It was the focus you possess.” You think for a moment and realize she must mean the gemstone. “It protects you from the currents of this world. Simply use it again and think of this place, and you should be able to come.”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Mother Raven Crow-morph Female Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


“Release her,” a crackling voice speaks from behind you. You turn and see a girl facing you, sitting on an enormous stump in the middle of the glade. You somehow managed to overlook her when your eyes had met those of the watching birds.

She sits on the stump naked, leaning back on her arms, her posture relaxed, face turned toward the sky. Her small B-cup breasts are carelessly thrust toward you. Instead of hair, soft black feathers cascade from her head down to her shoulder-blades, outlining her face. A tracery of feathers also runs from her shoulders, down her arms, and along her sides to her hips. Her fingers and toes end in sharp-looking talons.

“Now.” Her throaty voice cracks, apparently unused to speech, but her intonation leaves no doubt that she expects to be obeyed. Her eyes are pools of gray from edge to edge, black pupils examining you from top to bottom.


Unknown but encountered in your dreams after you begin seeing ravens.