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The Nagas are a race of half-human , half-serpent creatures, of the variety that are known in other settings as "lamais"; a humanoid torso from the waist up, giving way to the body and tail of a giant serpent at the waist down. Nagas have slightly serpentine facial features, but are not morphs.

Only one naga is encounterable thus far, in the form of a lusty hermaphrodite who roams the desert as a random encounter, seeking to dominate and rape any soul she comes across. It is unclear if she is just one of her species or if she is a lone portal-traveler stranded in Eden when the last portals closed ten years ago.




Towering over you at roughly eight feet tall is a half-human, half-serpent creature. From the hips up, her body is that of a lithe, average-sized human woman with a thin waist, shapely D-cup breasts proudly on display, and long, slender arms adorned with golden armlets.

Her skin is pale, with a slight hint of green, and her facial features call to mind images of snakes; she has a flattened nose, vivid, angular magenta eyes, and elongated, pointy ears pierced with golden hoops. You catch a glimpse of a forked tongue as it slips out between her supple lips, licking them hungrily. An unmatched pair of shining emerald gemstones adorn her forehead just below where her long, icy blue hair begins, sweeping back and falling below her shoulders.

Her human torso gives way to an enormous snake-like lower body, complete with a thick tail in place of legs. Dark green scales cover her from the hips down, parting only to allow her genitals to show. This snake is a hermaphrodite! Her pair of matching massive cocks are already standing at attention at twelve inches of length, and her barely visible slit is dripping with anticipation.




PC Win

  • Fuck & Jerk
  • Get fucked ( Requires vagina)
    • Tailpeg

PC Loss