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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Patchwork Human Male Vendor Unknown Unknown Unknown


Patchwork is a odd merchant near the Fire Pit, in the center of the Nomad Camp.

He currently has little to no dialogue, but he does sell and buy items, for a hefty price!


  • Nomads (Available from 8:00 - 00:00)


You make your way toward the mysterious robed peddler and their makeshift shop, near the campfire. Even as you get right up to them, they remain as enigmatic as before; the robes they wear are so all-encompassing, you can’t make out anything about their features. You’re pretty sure that whatever’s under there is humanoid, but that’s as far as you’d dare to venture.

Wide, flared sleeves completely swallow their arms and hands alike, whilst the hem trails along the ground, preventing even the slightest glimpse of their feet. A raised neck - a shawl, maybe, but it’s hard to tell where any part of the robe ends and another begins - combines with a low-fallen hood to completely obscure the face. And all over, patches of fabric, a dazzling array of pattern-fragments and colors, scattered about without any semblance of rhyme or reason.

Some of the many patches look to have been added to preserve the life of the robes beneath, others to extend the original fabric and make it even more shrouding. A few folds of fabric suggest that some might have been added as makeshift pockets, and as far as you know, some of the more colorful ones may have even been added for decoration.

The robed figure turns to look at you. “You’re new,” a muffled voice states.

You’re about to introduce yourself, when a small telescope emerges from the sea of patched cloth, extending until it’s a bit too close for comfort. You can see what looks like an eye through the lens. It swoops over you in a quick examination before retracting back into the robes.


You approach the odd peddler.

Talk Option:

"[Placeholder] I'm a shopkeeper"

Buy option: "What are ya buying?" they ask, opening their robes to show you the item-lined pockets.

Sell option: "What are ya selling?" they ask, their telescopic monocle extending past their robes to examine your goods.