Pink Pill

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The Pink Pill is an antidote to the Brown Pill, restoring fertility.

Key Data

Item Code < none? <
Type < Instantly Consumed Item <
Found at < Sand Witch's Dungeon <
Effect Restores fertility Antidote to the Brown Pill


Pink Pills can be found in the Lab at the Sand Witch's Dungeon where there seems to be an unlimited supply of them. It is immediately eaten once it's been picked up and can not been stored in the inventory or anywhere else. That means you have to return to the Sand Witches' lab every time you want to use one.

A PC with a vagina who has made herself barren with a brown pill can restore her fertility by eating a pink one. The brown and pink pills can be used by PCs without a vagina too although there is of course no actual effect unless he/she gains a vagina later in the game.


  • There are plans of adding the pink (and the brown) pill to Benoit's inventory, creating an alternative source for them.