Shield Booster Mark II

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Single Use, Mark II Shield Booster


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Requires a shield generator in order to use this item.

S.Boost M2
Item Type Potion
Base Price 400
Use Details
Is Usable? Yes
Is Usable in Combat? Yes
Valid Targets Self

This single use shield booster can be used to replenish up to 100 points of shielding all at once. The only downside is that subjecting a shield generator to such large power surges in quick succession would damage or destroy it. You can only use shield boosters once per fight!


Can be purchased from Vi at the hospital in Gildenmere.


This item will be consumed on use if the user is wearing a shield generator.

Upon use:

  • Outside combat, it increases shields by 100 and multiple shield boosters can be used in succession to replenish more shields.
  • Inside combat, it increases shields by 100 and can only be used once per encounter until the encounter is over.

NPCs can also use this item.