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A deep, sonorous bass rumbles from his chest, bringing to mind storm clouds. “Maria. I see you brought a stranger to our camp.” His gaze pinions your feet to the floor and you unconsciously start thinking of excuses for why you entered his territory.


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Zenith (aka Leader of the Outlaws) Badger-morph Male Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


A door to your left opens, and out walks a very peculiar looking badger-morph.

It seems that at some point his body tried to figure out which parts of him should be badger and which should be human and simply gave up. His face is mostly human, save for his nose, but small, round furry ears sit atop his head, nestled in a shock of dark black hair. The latter is divided by a single silvery-white stripe, much like that of a badger. A day’s worth of stubble covers his square jaw, and you follow the scar that starts from his chin up to his eyes, pale grey irises that fix themselves upon you distrustfully.

He wears what appears to be a weird mishmash of armor types, part of a leather hauberk here, cloth padding over there, a few straps and scraps of improvised plating sewn on and holding it all together. A long scar runs down the entirety of his right arm, bare of fur. Both the ring and pinky finger of that hand are missing, leaving the hand looking lopsided, especially with the sharp claws that protrude from his fingertips. A scabbard is affixed to his belt, bearing a sturdy short sword within.