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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Magnus Human Male Student, Scholar Unknown Unknown Alder


Magnus is roughly in his early twenties who wears thick glasses that do nothing to hide the dark pouches under his eyes from lack of sleep.


  • Nomads (Available from 8:00 - 22:00)


Magnus is a scholar residing at the nomad's camp after having been recently expelled from the Academy of Higher Arts.

Magnus quickly retreats to his books when confronted with a difficult situation; however, he is quite fond of discussing magic.


Magus will tell the player how he was a student in the Academy until being kicked out for reasons that are unknown to him.


Magnus is willing to teach the PC magic. This will unlock the:

The player character has to be at least a level 3 Scholar in order to unlock all three jobs.


The player can suggest having sex, but Magus will become flustered and dismiss the idea thinking it would be too inappropriate.


Although Magnus unfortunately cannot help the player learn anything about the gem he/she carries, he does direct the player to the court magician in Rigard.


Your quest

You learn nothing new about your quest or the gem and think it wise to seek out a more knowledgeable alchemist/magician




Letting your mind wander to more perverse thoughts will cause Magnus' body to become possessed by the demon that unknowingly resides within him. The demon alters Magnus' body, albeit briefly, with purple tentacles as his eyes turn black. The demon taunts you before raping you with it's tentacles. After recovering from the ordeal Magnus has no memory of what took place and believes that you fell asleep. You then have the choice of informing him what happened or saying nothing. You will have the option to

  • Comfort - You try to comfort Magnus, but then he goes on to blame himself for having trifled with Demonic Tombs
  • Complain - You will complain about Magnus' decision to remove the demon telling him you liked what happened. This causes Magnus to become shocked and flustered. He half believes you are joking.
  • Condemn - You berate Magnus for his foolish actions and he apologizes, stating that he would understand if you didn't want to talk to him again.
  • Say nothing

The demon will remember you on subsequent visits and cause demonic changes to your body.


Magnus claims the only way he can get rid of the demon is with the book of Edoith from the academy.