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The open hours are between 8:00 and 17:00.


The gate area is where most of the merchandise enters the city. It houses a stable for mounts and several checkpoints where you’re supposed to have your cargo inspected, though not everyone is ordered to head there. You wonder if there is an actual process for screening out shady sorts or if the watch simply chooses at random. Overall, this place seems well guarded, and you have a slight suspicion that the fact the Watch’s Barracks are located nearby might have something to do with it.

Ahead of you, the path splits into three.

  • One path leads to the residential district, where most of the citizens live.
  • Another path leads you to the merchant district, where most of the commerce is handled, and the merchant warehouses are located.
  • The last path leads you toward Rigard’s richer areas - toward the Castle, which seems to be even more fortified than the front gates.

Just outside the city walls are the expansive plains.


How To Get Here

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Rigard is the first major city you will encounter in Fall of Eden as is your first essential stop in order to progress the main storyline. To find a way to rekindle the Portal Gem, you must speak to Jeanne, the Royal Court Mage, who dwells inside the city.

Accessing Rigard

The city is under strict laws about access. The gates are shut in a strict curfew that lasts from five in the evening until eight in the morning, so the player cannot enter - or leave! - the city during the curfew. Additionally, the gates are guarded, and only those with a writ of access are allowed to enter the city. Currently, there are three (technically four) ways to enter the city.

Firstly: Miranda, the lusty doberherm guardsmorph who greets the player upon the first arrival at Rigard, takes an instant liking to the player. She flirtatiously invites them to hang out with her at the Maiden's Bane, a cheap bar in the Rigard Slums where she likes to hang out. If the player responds well to her attraction and woos her, she will eventually give them a writ of access to Rigard, so they can come and go as they please.

However, Miranda does not react well if the player reacts very negatively to her gender, nor is she impressed with a particularly awful date; if this happens, the player's only option to get a visa by way of her is to approach her when she is at the Slums gate. Without the more dutiful guards watching over her shoulder, she can be bribed to let the player in and get them a visa if they will give her a blowjob.

Secondly: Gwendy, the farm owner, is willing to let the player ride her wagon into Rigard at her next market day if sufficiently befriended, allowing the PC to then get inside and from there acquire their own visa.

Thirdly, if the player gets in good with the Outlaws, they will arrange for the player to have a meeting with Belinda, who will secure a visa for them.