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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Miranda Dog-morph Herm City Guard, Bruiser Belinda (Sister), deceased Unknown Mother and Father Rigard Alder


Miranda is an ex-mercenary turned guard for the city of Rigard. She is a sexable NPC, a job tutor, and an act-2 recruit for the player's active party member followers.


One of the guards, a striking female dog-morph with short dark fur, steps forward to meet you, toying with the pommel of a short sword strapped to her hip. She flicks a lock of black hair out of her eyes, looking you over curiously.

“Reason for visiting Rigard? Carrying any illegal substances? Planning to kill any important officials?” she drones mechanically, going through her routine while allowing her gaze to unabashedly roam your body. Not to be outdone, you return the gesture.

She is tall and athletic, her movements suggesting powerful muscles beneath her short fur - mostly black or dark brown, with patches of a bright orange on her hands, legs, chest and face. Her long black hair is pulled back in a loose braid hanging down to her waist. Strangely enough, you note that it is held together by a pink ribbon, very much at odds with her otherwise martial outfit.

Said outfit does a poor job of containing her generous bust, which seems to be ready to spring out at any moment. Her uniform is made from tight-fitting studded leather, with a short leather skirt that ends just above the knees. As the guardswoman shifts her hips, something seems to move under the skirt.

Miranda smiles as she pulls down her pants, revealing a rock hard, eleven inch cock. The canid member is red in color, has a pointed tip drooling a ridiculous amount of pre. At its base, there is a thick knot, resting just above her - no, his? - heavy sack.

Miranda rolls her eyes at your reaction and unceremoniously lifts her balls out of the way, displaying rapidly moistening puffy lips behind.

You now know Miranda is a herm (duh).


Miranda is a native-born Rigard morph, with a younger sister, Belinda. The two were orphaned during the infamous anti-morph riots of the civil war over a decade ago; looters taking advantage of the chaos broke into her family's home and murdered her parents, leaving her and her sister to fend for themselves on the streets. Miranda eventually took to supporting them by joining a local mercenary troupe, the Black Hounds, but eventually left them due to finding herself unable or unwilling to tolerate the sorts of things that they got up to.

Upon her return to Rigard, she found that Belinda had further taken to supporting herself by becoming a prostitute. This led to an argument between the sisters that still hasn't been resolved to this day; they do talk, but their relationship is highly strained. Some time after that, Miranda found herself a job as a member of the city watch, a position she has occupied every since..


Miranda is a very strong-willed, independent and lustful dog-morph. Unabashedly dominant in nature, both in and out of bed, she will not stand insults or foolishness lightly, leading her to snap back quickly against those who slight her. Persistently aggravating individuals can quickly earn her strong enmity, and she is very spiteful towards those she hates, with an especial fondness towards dominating and humiliating them as punishment for their harassment of her. Her creator describes her as having "a mean strike a mile long".

Despite her attitude, ego and aforementioned mean streak, Miranda is not a bad person. Although crude and with a fetishistic love of at least mildly degrading her partner during sex, she has very strict limits about what she will and won't do. She does not force her company on those who sincerely don't want it, is strictly anti-speciest, and though she enjoys casual sex, she takes pains to be responsible in her sleeping around - she is determined to never father a bastard child, because she will not condemn someone to the sort of childhood she and her sister had. As ready as she is to abuse those who do arouse her personal enmity, she generally upholds a principle of "live ad let live", making her a coarse yet decent individual, for the most part.

Miranda's grasp on the law is notably flexible; she's not unwilling to take sexual advantage of the various petty thieves in the Rigard jail, nor is she too abashed at the idea of "ducking off" duty to have quick sexual encounters. She is quick to justify that she only offers her "deals" to petty criminals, and insists that the vigorous anal reaming she subjects them to makes such individuals more likely to stay on the straight and narrow than a mere lecture. As examples of this, there is a random encounter where the player can see Miranda hauling a petty thief to jail whilst sexually molesting him, which the player can then talk about in the Rigard Tavern, the Maiden's Bane, the possibilities for on-duty sex (which includes Nasty Miranda agreeing to let the PC in without a pass if they allow her to sexually take and humiliate them in front of the gate), and Miranda's interactions with Terry.

However, despite this, Miranda does have her own code of right and wrong; she left the Black Hounds after realising that the other members were, as a rule, even more lawless than she could stomach. On a similar basis, she disapproves of her sister having become a prostitute whilst Miranda was absent from the city, leading to their presently strained relationship. Likewise, Miranda has a particular dislike for Lord Krawitz and Commander Preston the Shining of the Royal Guard. Both of them earn her enmity for their vehement anti-morph prejudice, whilst the latter makes a personal enemy of her due to his willingness to use his rank to make her job more difficult.

Miranda is not a very intelligent individual, to the point her own author's notes on her characterization include "apply Dumb Muscle tropes liberally". She is not classically educated, and although she has picked up a certain amount of street smarts in her past, her combination of egotism, aggressiveness, assertiveness and sheer libido (to the point she has been described as tending to think with her dick first and foremost) makes her prone to very poor decision-making, which is one of the factors behind her inability to ascend in the ranks of the watch.

It's also subtly implied that her propensity for letting her lower head do the thinking is part of the reason why Miranda has been unable to ever hold a steady relationship. Miranda subtly admits she isn't sure if she's actually cut out for any deeper sort of relationship, confessing that even when she did stay with somebody for some time, she had a tendency to have flings on the side. Unspoken is how much of a role her domineering attitude in the bedchamber may have played its own part in her past breakups.

Although she asserts that she is just fine with this, to the point of stating on her second date that she "doesn't do relationships or lovey-dovey stuff", it's possible that this attitude is something she has adopted as a way to avoid getting hurt when someone she is attracted to inevitably dumps her. It is notable that she will have a recruitment quest in the second act of the game, and it does come hand-in-hand with Miranda realising a more sincere, romantic attraction to the PC, to the point of eventually being willing to have a family with them - something she explicitly states she has forsworn, as she refuses to leave her child with someone she can't stay with.

Miranda's dominant streak may be connected to - or fuel - another trait her creator has noted; a subtle need for Miranda to feel in control of a given situation. She does not like to appear weak, especially not to herself, and this makes her an author-confirmed unreliable narrator; when asked about her past, Miranda shamelessly embellishes - if not outright rewrites - the events to make her appear in-charge and in control of things. No matter how they actually went down in reality. Her author has hinted that her accounts of her past relationships are particularly prone to this kind of "creative remembrance", which may add to the interpretation that her "I don't do relationships, I do sex" has a slightly more traumatic rationale behind it.

The doberherm is a bit of a slob, with a notably unclean house. She has a large collection of sex toys, and even has a basement privately set up as a BDSM dungeon, although no content for actually exploring it has been written and/or coded into the game just yet.

As mentioned above, Miranda's rather "dumb muscle" approach colors her approach to fighting; this makes her the game's tutor for the Bruiser class, and also means she cannot learn any of the magical or scholastic classes.

Though she is never a "gentle" lover, nor a very conventionally feminine partner, Miranda does have her own soft spots and does appreciate certain gestures. For example, though it doesn't make her much gentler during the act, she is extremely touched if the player allows her to be the one to take her anal virginity, and this even penetrates her usual disdain for the player if she is in Nasty Mode.


Miranda's sexuality is unabashedly bisexual, although her creator has noted she has a slight preference for guys, and she is a strongly dominant-leaning switch. She won't ever lose her love of dominance, or her willingness to dom, but she does actually enjoy submitting when presented with a strong and take-charge sort of lover. She makes it very clear that she enjoys having the tables turned on her, but she's always looking forward to the chance to turn the tables back again.

Despite having a dominance fetish, and a bondage fetish, Miranda isn't a sadist, and would be more off-put than aroused by most conventional forms of sadomasochism. As a result, Miranda is not physically violent during sex; even though she has a fondness for degradation as a tool of dominance, she mostly restricts herself to verbal "abuse" in order to cement her "top-dog" role. This comes to her more readily when she actively dislikes her partner; as she is engaging in "hate sex", she can enjoy more extreme acts that she would normally find a bit less than appealing, especially as she doesn't care what her partner thinks. Even then, she does still have standards, focusing on expressing her anger through verbal degradation over pain.

As a result of this, her more extreme dominance material is restricted to "Nasty Miranda" at the moment.

However, her creator has suggested the possibility of unlocking such scenes for a submissive player who she actually likes and who wants to try the higher tiers of her kinky content might be a potential avenue for expansion; theoretically, by that point, she wouldn't be afraid of scaring them off and would trust them to actively enjoy the treatment, allowing her to get over any hesitations that her own affection and lack of sadistic tastes might impose. Such content would most likely be unlocked at the player's behest; as it wouldn't occur to her to ask to take things up a notch.

Player Interactions

Miranda is found at the city of Rigard. She operates from 8 until 19 on a strict cycle; she spends one day at the main gate, then one day at the slum gate, and then one day at the barracks, before starting over again. From 19 onward, she relaxes in the Maiden's Bane, located in the Rigard Slums area outside of the walls.

First Meeting

Initially, she will politely but firmly rebuff the player from entering without a pass. She will direct them to the slums outside of the city's walls, in particular the slum tavern known as the Maiden's Bane, and extend them a friendly invitation to join her and have a drink some time.

If the player does so, randomly approaching her may trigger a scene in which a pair of cat-morphs engage in sex, visibly arousing the Doberman-morph; players are presented with the option to Comfort Her or Check. Comforting her causes her to make an excuse and leave, adding positive points to her Relationship meter and deducting points from her Dominance meter, resulting in both a better relationship with her and in making her less dominant in the bedroom.

Checking under the table will reveal Miranda is masturbating herself, which reveals her as a hermaphrodite to the player. The player may then choose to Flee (double-dose of negative points to her Relationship meter), Watch (gives positive points to her Relationship and Dominance meters), or Help Her (double-dose of positive points to her Relationship and Dominance meters).

Upon approaching Miranda in the bar a second time, a one-time scene is triggered based on the player's actions the first time.

If they chose to Comfort her, approaching Miranda leads to a scene where she explains that she is a hermaphrodite. This presents the option to Leave (results in an offended Miranda, meaning "Nasty Mode" is engaged), Accept Her (double-dose of positive points in Relationship meter), or Touch It (triggers a choice of three sex scenes; Fuck Her (requires the player has a cock), Ride Her or Let Her). All sex options from Touch It produce a positive boost to her Relationship meter; Fuck Her will deduct points from her Dominance meter, and Ride Her/Let Her will both add positive points (a lot, for Let Her) to her Dominance meter.

If they Checked and then Fled, she will defensively apologize and the player may then either Apologize (positive points to Relationship meter), or Leave (results in an offended Miranda, meaning "Nasty Mode" is engaged). If they Checked and then either Watched or Helped Her, she merrily notes she'd be happy to have sex with them for real, emphasizing her words by playing with them and giving them a strong arousal. This scene gives positive points to both her Relationship and her Dominance meters.

Subsequent Meetings

After Miranda's gender has been revealed, the player may interact with Miranda at the Maiden's Bane, the gates, or the barracks in several fashions

At the gates, if the player has a visa and Miranda likes the player, she will invite them to see her for some fun times at the Maiden's Bane when she is off-duty. She will likewise invite the player to come and have some fun with her if she likes them, but they do not have a visa. If Miranda dislikes the player, she will angrily rebuff them at the gates, unless they have no visa, where she will offer them the chance to get let inside if they will publicly humiliate themselves by letting her aggressively and dominantly fuck them right there in front of the gate.

At the barracks, the player may spar with Miranda. If the PC has 4 or more levels in the Fighter job, they may ask Miranda to train them in her particular fighting style. This unlocks the Bruiser job; doing so, however, will have her demand the PC offer her a sexual favor in turn. The player can either agree, to steadily increase Miranda's dominance meter, or refuse; although she is mildly disgruntled at the player's refusal it does not affect her relationship meter, as it turns out she was mostly messing with the player in order to impress her fellow guards.

At the Maiden's Bane, the player may talk to Miranda about a variety of subjects, ask her on a date, or have sex with her right there and then. After completing Terry's recruitment quest, the player can take Miranda out to the back rooms for some special sex scenes. When her relationship is high enough, she and the player can just skip straight to her place for sex.

Dating Miranda

On repeat visits at the Maiden's Bane, the player may invite Miranda to go on a date with them. Even if she is in Nasty Mode, she will accept this offer.

First Date

Miranda will take the player to three locations; the Park where she lost her virginity, the Docks where she played as a child, and the Mercenary Guild where she used to work.

At each locale, she will comment on her relationship with the place, and the player may respond in a Polite, Rude or Sultry manner.

Each choice will either add to or deduct from Miranda's Relationship meter and from a tally of score-points at the end of the date; a positive score can redeem the player in Miranda's eyes and remove the Nasty Mode tag, as well as earning the player a citizenship visa that will allow them to visit the interior of Rigard at will. A player who earns a bad score, or a score of 0 whilst Miranda is in Nasty Mode, will be presented with an offer to blow Miranda in exchange for the visa; accepting will acquire the visa and reset Miranda's mood to nice, whilst refusing will cause them to lose the visa and set her mood to Nasty (if she isn't already).

The best options on this first date are: Sultry response at the Park, Nice response at the Docks, and Rude response at the Mercenary Guild.

Second Date

When approached for a second date, Miranda will come clean to the player about what she expects of any "relationship" between them. She warns the player first and foremost that she doesn't believe in lovey-dovey romantic nonsense, or in restraining herself; in her own words, she does fuck-buddies, and she does a lot of them - if she wants to fuck somebody else, then that's exactly what she'll do, and she won't stop to think (much less care) about the player's opinion. She also warns them that they should expect to be on the receiving end of her cock, since she likes to be on top.

If the player hasn't already had sex with Miranda before this point, she will in fact demand a blowjob before they leave.

Refusing will actually deduct points from Miranda's Relationship meter if she is in her "nice" mood-state, whilst if she is in Nasty Mode, she will refuse to go out with the player at all until they "accept their place" and blow her, repeating her demand for sex whenever the date topic is broached.

After this initial unique opening is completed, the second Miranda date makes use of the second and third "Date Stages" - see below.

Subsequent Dates

On all subsequent dates, the date is broken up into three "date stages". The First and Second stages involve triggering one of several random scenes for that stage; each randomized scene will present several choices, which will add or deduct points from a "Date Score" meter. During the Third stage, the player will arrive at Miranda's house where the Date Score meter will be read and triggered.

  • First Stage

For the First Stage, the player will trigger one of several random scenes in the Maiden's Bane with Miranda.

The Drinks scene will have Miranda offer to get the player a drink; accepting will add +1 to the Date Score (though if the player passes out, they do not gain this point), whilst refusing will deduct -1 from the Date Score.

Other planned scenes involve interacting with some feline drinkers at the bar and getting involved in a bar brawl, though these haven't been written yet.

  • Second Stage

For the Second Stage, the player and Miranda will leave the Maiden's Bane, which will trigger one of several random scenes.

Wandering The Slums triggers a chance to talk to Miranda about herself. The player can either ask about her Past (calls up her shuffled Backstory), ask her about some Sex Stories (calls up her shuffled Conquests), or suggest they skip the wandering and just go straight back to Her Place (go to stage 3, +1 Date Score).

Other planned scenes involve wandering around Rigard, wandering along the docks, finding the Park from Miranda's childhood, interacting with some mercenaries, and interacting with some of Miranda's fellow guards.

  • Third Stage

For the Third Stage, the player arrives at Miranda's home, where the Date Score is tallied, triggering one of three endings based on its final count.

  • On a "Good" score (1 or more Date Points), Miranda is in a good mood and tells the player they can pick how they have sex; domming her (requires her Dom meter minus the sum of her Relationship meter and the player's Dom meter be zero or less), submitting to her, or declining.
  • On a "Neutral" score (0 or -1 Date Points), Miranda is in a slightly testy mood, offering to let the player "salvage" the date by wrapping themselves around her cock - the player can either agree to submissive sex with her or decline.
  • On a "Bad" score (-2 or less Date Points), Miranda is in a really bitchy mood, inviting the player inside with a menacing choice of words. If the player accepts, they trigger the "Dominant Miranda in her Dungeon" sex scene. This content has not yet been written and is so currently leads to a placeholder.

Nasty Mode

Nasty Mode is a mood-state that Miranda is set into as a response of a strongly negative opinion of the player, caused by hostile reactions from the player towards her. In this mood state, certain interactions are locked off, whilst others are changed for the negative. For example, having sex with Miranda whilst she is in her Nasty Mode makes her much more derogatory and degrading, as well as preventing the player from receiving vaginal intercourse.

In Nasty Mode, Miranda takes advantage of the fact that the Rigard Slums gate is where the "rougher" guards are assigned. As a result, though the player can offer her a blowjob here in exchange for a visa, she will also refuse to honor that visa on subsequent visits, forcing the player to either return to the main gate or submit to having sex with her in order to enter. Initially, she will demand blowjobs, but after five blowjobs, only anal sex will suffice as "payment".


This entry contains speculative data about a proposed future addition to this character's content. Entry is likely to change as more details are released.

Miranda's recruitment quest will not become available until the second act of the game. It revolves around Miranda's sister, Belinda, discovering a secret cult at the heart of the Shadow Lady brothel where she works, only to be captured as a spy. With no other allies to turn to, Miranda asks the player for assistance, resulting in them fighting their way through the cultists to rescue Belinda, who will have been corrupted into a demi-succubus version of herself. Only by helping Miranda purify her sister and return her to normal will the player be given the option to add Miranda to their party.